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Wing Tsun (Wing Chun 詠春) is an ancient Chinese system of Kung Fu.  It was developed  by a woman approximately 250 years ago and named after her first student, the girl "Wing Tsun."  Her name means "beautiful springtime" or "eternal spring."  The goal was to provide civilians in civil strife with a practical and effective, yet quickly learnable self-defense method.

Wing Tsun is philosophy in actions as it grew out of the Taoist tradition in eastern thinking.  In Chinese philosophy, "Tao" means "the Way."  It signifies life's eternal movement of growing, blooming, fading away, and never-ending renewal.  To achieve his unity with the Tao, man must become as the Tao itself:  spontaneous, open, simple, and flexible - not strong and hard, not mighty and arrogant.

People who learn Wing Tsun develop a fresh, new awareness of their body and a heightened sense of confidence in all situations.  This confidence, born of knowing what one is capable of, is acquired through intensive, regular, professional instruction. Wing Tsun: A GAME OF CHESS FOR BODY AND MIND This newly acquired confidence and self awareness leads to an increased sense of well being on all levels.  Former personal limitations no longer restrict our everyday life.  Life becomes fuller, more satisfying.  Students of Wing Tsun no longer feel like victims, and just by that alone their likelihood of ending up in dangerous situations decreases dramatically.

Should they find themselves in a threatening situation anyway, WT students command a highly effective, weaponless method for defending themselves and loved ones.  Wing Tsun absorbs an attacker's energy, adds it to the defender's own power, and directs it with increased ferocity back against the attacker.

Hello I am SiFu Andy. In teaching Martial Arts have found a true calling. I am a 3rd Technician Level in Wing Tsun Kung Fu and a 2nd Tuhon level in Latosa Escrima. I enjoy focusing thought and energy into the art of teaching Kung Fu. 

In reality humans do not train Wing Tsun, we do not train Escrima, we train our bodies. We teach our bodies to obtain skill and power. In doing so become much more at home in our own skin. The entirety of my life since I started Wing Tsun under Si-Fu Simon in 2002, including now I am a student, I hope to always be one. One who is not growing is slowly dying. I am also a teacher, and because of that I am one who must study humans and the different ways they think in order to be effective at my job. Luckily for me I have been blessed with wonderful students. 

I have learned from whom I deem to be some of the best martial arts instructors on the globe, the most influential of course my own Si-Fu, Simon Mayer whom I dearly love. I choose to take from all my teachers not only the subject matter of their teachings but the ways they interact and connect with people to transfer this age old skill called Wing Tsun Kung Fu. After all the real value of this martial art cannot be the destruction of people, or even “self-defense”. The value is s vehicle for one to work on one’s self unendingly. In that regard to achieve high rank in Wing Tsun nearly requires a responsibility to transfer it to others. In this way the art of Wing Tsun is growing, it is alive in all who train, study and ponder it. My journey continues, and I am bringing others along with me. In a way it is as if I am in a constant state of beginning, this is very apropos as the true meaning of Wing Tsun (Wing Chun, 詠春) is eternal spring or constant rejuvenation. 

SiFu Andy Howse 

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  • Steve Crandalll

    Sifu Andy is an extremely proficient instructor in both Wing Tsun and Escrima. His passion for the arts shows in his technique, and more importantly in the quality of his students. I highly recommend Sifu Andy.


What is your typical process for working with a new student?

Previous martial art experience and physical strength NOT required. Continuously accepting students over age of sixteen. Four classes per week, 75 min each. 

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

Previous martial art experience and physical strength NOT required. Continuously accepting students over age of sixteen. Four classes per week, 75 min each. 

1 class a week (or 4 x month) $75
2 classes a week (or 8 x month) $100
3 classes a week (or 12 x month) $110
4 classes a week (or 16 x month) $120

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