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Temecula Guitar Instructors

  • Simply Ean Guitar Lessons

    Simply Ean Guitar Lessons

    Oceanside, CA 92056

    5.0 (11)

    I have been a guitar and banjo teacher for well over a decade now. I have not only taught students to play, but have assisted them in writing there own songs, recording with them and performing on stage. I myself have been a professional musician for many years. I have a profile, music I have composed and recorded, photos and a bio on reverbnation. Please google Ean Corbet Artist and my Reverbnation page will come up. You can learn all about me and hear what and how I play. I have received the Forte Award from The California Music Studios for being an outstanding resourceful  teacher of e
    (view profile)

  • California Music Studios

    California Music Studios

    Encinitas, CA 92024

    5.0 (3)

    Our work stands out from others because we have a very personal approach to teaching music.  We like to get to know the student's needs and personality before placing with a teacher.

  • Sampen Enterprises

    Sampen Enterprises

    Garden Grove, CA 92843

    5.0 (1)

    David Sampen is a multidimensional artist, composer and producer with 25 years experience in the business.  Well known from the famous L.A. rock bands "Expiate", "Sound Library", "As Is", and "80-DO", he is currently collaborating with various Southern Califronia artists on several music projexts as well as maintaining his solo career.   David's parents both have doctorates in Music, so it is no suprise that David had detailed and extensive training as a musician.  He first fell under the spell of Eddie Van Halen before he left elementary school.  David's natural abili
    (view profile)

  • Armstrong's Percussive Acoustic Academy

    Armstrong's Percussive Acoustic Academy

    Poway, CA 92064

    4.0 (1)

    3 years experience of private lessons  1 year experience with group lessons  I teach a unique style of slap guitar & bass along with vocal training and recording techniques.

  • Keith The Guitar Guy

    Keith The Guitar Guy

    Hemet, CA 92543

    Whether you want to be able to play cool campfire songs or play face peeling guitar solos - I'm the guy! Whether you have never picked up a guitar before or are experienced and want to advance - I'm the guy! My goal is to have you playing your favorite music as quickly and ACCURATELY as possible. Rock, Blues, Country and everything in between. I also have a background in teaching and I use those skills to help you advance quickly and with a lot of FUN! I have over 30 years of lead and rhythm guitar experience performing both live and in the studio. I'm not that old - just started young!!!
    (view profile)

  • Wright Guitar Lessons

    Wright Guitar Lessons

    Temecula, CA 92592

    My name is Kenneth Wright I am a third year college student (Junior) studying for a Bachelor in Arts in Music with Emphasis in Biblical Counseling at The Master’s College (located at 21726 Placerita Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91321). I have a passion for what I do! I enjoy fulfilling others appreaciation for music, by instructing them, helping them to fulfill their passion for music. I have successful experience regarding instructing others. I have been playing guitar for thirteen years. I have had a lot of experience busking (professional street performing), performing at a four star S
    (view profile)

  • Hunter Cohen Guitar Lessons

    Hunter Cohen Guitar Lessons

    Los Angeles, CA 90048

    My service comes from the heart of a lifelong and working professional musician. With my focus on the guitar, I offer knowledge, tips, and structured practice routines that I have developed over my years of playing and also acquired from the best musicians in Los Angeles under whom I study. I also offer onlince lessons via Skype/FaceTime/other video chat apps for everyone's convenience :)

  • Ruben De Anda Guitar, Ukulele And Bass Lessons

    Ruben De Anda Guitar, Ukulele And Bass Lessons

    Vista, CA 92084

    Over the course of my musical career, I have had the opportunity to learn from many musicians. From University Professors to Street Corner Musicians, I have gathered much knowledge on how to play music. Applying that knowledge to my guitar playing has opened up many doors of opportunity and has made my life very interesting. One of my talents is to take complicated ideas and convey them in easy to understand ideas for my students. I now wish to share all my knowledge and experiences with you to enjoy a life of music. Students of mine have been able to create their own music to record and perf
    (view profile)

  • Pablo Samonta Guitar Lessons

    Pablo Samonta Guitar Lessons

    Oceanside, CA 92056

    Pablo Samonta is a professional musician and composer with a degree in Music Composition from UCA, he has released albums and played his music live in the US, Europe, South America and New Zealand. Now you have the opportunity to learn the instrument and the music you like with the best private teaching technique available that will make you see outstanding results really fast if you make your part. Classical, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Folk, Country, Blues and beyond...the lessons will help you master the techniques and skills you need to know for each style. You will also learn about improvisatio
    (view profile)

  • Kolev's Music Worshop

    Kolev's Music Worshop

    Vista, CA 92084

    Hi, My name is Juan. I am an enthusiastic teacher with more than 8years of experience and I love teaching for so many reasons. The way I teach is simple, I teach my students how to play correctly while having fun. Whether you are a beginner or someone with a few years experience, take lessons with me and I promise that you will get better and enjoy your lessons. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals!

  • JoeMac Guitar Lessons

    JoeMac Guitar Lessons

    Wildomar, CA 92595

    Played the Guitar (Electric/Accoustic) from 1972 to present. Received training in reading music. Performed live with several music bands in Hawaii and California. Also ocassionally perform as a solo musician/singer for private celebrations. Teach music styles: Pop, Rock, and also teach how to read music. Recorded with musicians and bands as a studio musician for hire in Hawaii and Northern California.

  • Coastal Music Studios

    Coastal Music Studios

    Oceanside, CA 92054

    At Coastal Music Studios the focus is on you. We are the premier music teaching studio in North County San Diego. We teach piano, voice, guitar, drums, ukulele and violin. Our instructors are working music professionals who are passionate about music education and helping you reach your musical goals! Why Choose Us? We know how to get you from the practice room to performance. Our team of instructors are not only great educators, they are also working music professionals so they understand how to help you reach your goals musically and professionally.
    (view profile)

    Best of 2018

Temecula Guitar Lessons

(16 reviews)

Temecula Guitar Instruction

Tony Burnett · Temecula, CA

Featured Instructor

We talked to guitar instructor Tony Burnett about the art of teaching guitar students how to play guitar in Temecula, CA, and you can watch the interview by visiting Tony’s guitar teacher page. In the meantime, here is a transcript of the interview, if you wish to read it, and you can also find out about other guitar teachers in Inland Empire, California by clicking here.

Temecula Guitar Teacher Tony Burnett We’re here with Tony Burnett, who teaches guitar, and who has a profile on Welcome, Tony, thanks for taking the time in your busy schedule to talk to us.

Tony Burnett: Hey, my pleasure, not a problem. How are you today? I’m doing very good, and it’s a pleasure to be here with you, as well. Tell us first, where do you teach guitar? What city and what state are you in?

Tony Burnett: I’m in Temecula, California, and I have a little music school there. I’ve had the school since about 2008, and I own and operate, and I teach during the week too. I’ve been teaching guitar for about twenty-one years now, I think it is, and most of that time has been in the Temecula area, which is basically Southern California, about, I would say, forty-five minutes or so north of San Diego, which is the closest major city. Got it. And do you teach only at your location at the school, or do you also travel to guitar students’ homes?

Tony Burnett: I do not travel to students’ homes, unfortunately, because I’m so busy at the school, I don’t, unfortunately, have the time to do that. So all my guitar students do come to the school, but I also do teach online Skype guitar lessons. I do have a few students that I do online also. That’s wonderful. If someone wanted to contact you about Skype guitar lessons, what would be the best way to do so?

Tony Burnett: Well, they can always email me; that’s always the quickest and the best way. They can go to my website, which is, which is basically my name … dot com. You can email me through the website there It will go directly to me, and I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can in-between guitar lessons. (Editor’s note: To find out Tony’s contact info, you can always go to Tony’s guitar teacher page How would you describe the guitar lesson climate there in Temecula? Are there a lot of people who want to learn guitar?

Tony Burnett: Yeah, actually there is. There are quite a few guitar teachers that I have that work for me, and there are a couple of local guitar teachers around my area. Umm, yeah … it’s actually pretty fruitful out there. It’s been that way for a while. Temecula’s a very family oriented town. There’s a lot of families there, and things like that. So, it’s a really nice neighborhood. It’s very clean and nice. It’s a very kind of an upper class type of neighborhood, and all the kids are great. Parents are great. So, it’s actually a really nice place to teach guitar, and, like I said, I’ve been lucky enough to be teaching there for almost twenty years now in that location. Yes, it sounds like a wonderful place to live and to teach. And, do you offer music lessons on other instruments besides guitar?

Tony Burnett: I do, yes. Personally, myself, I do guitar lessons; I also do bass; I also teach drums. I also do a rock school program I developed a long time ago, where I take kids and form bands with them. It’s why I call it rock school, and I teach that class also. I also do, like, music theory – those classes too, and I also do some recording classes, also, at the same time. So, that right there is what I personally do, and that pretty much keeps my plate full. Of course, it sounds like it keeps it very full. And, do you teach both adults and children?

Tony Burnett: Oh yes. I would probably say a good sixty percent of my guitar students are between the ages of about eight and eighteen, and the rest are adults. I actually have quite a bit of adults. I’ve been seeing more of an adult percentage of lessons over the last few years. I think what that is, is that they see all their songs and daughters getting really good. Of course … and then they want the same for themselves.

Tony Burnett: Exactly. In simple terms, how would you describe your guitar teaching approach with an individual guitar student?

Tony Burnett: Well, that’s where I’m a little bit different than a lot of other guitar teachers. I don’t follow the standard curriculum. I actually write my own curriculums; everything I give a guitar student is personally written by me, and I’ve developed curriculums over my career and guitar teaching career, and I have found out – probably the most important thing – that I have found out is that no two students are alike, and you have to be able to adjust immediately. That’s very important, because some students are going to progress faster than others, and some are going to be slower – even with boys and girls. So the ones that are maybe going to be struggling a little bit, you have to spend more time with them on specific subjects versus okay, we’re done with that, let’s move on, when they’re not really ready to move on yet. So, you really have to adjust, depending on how the guitar student – how he’s learning. That’s the most important thing to me, and that works a lot better versus just following the standard timeline, if you will. You can’t really do that. Of course. Yeah, I can understand that completely. Can you tell us a little bit about your fees and guitar lesson scheduling format – how often do you work with students?

Tony Burnett: Most of my guitar lessons are thirty-minute based, and they’re all private – one-on-one lessons. I have done a lot of group lessons in the past – a lot of classes. That doesn’t work as well, honestly. It’s so much better with the one-on-one. I what pretty much do exclusively is the one-on-one private guitar lessons, and the way that they’re structured is that the tuition for the school is ninety-nine dollars a month, so what that gives you is four thirty-minute guitar lessons, one per week, on the same day, same time, and we don’t charge any registration fees, we don’t do any contracts, or anything like that. We’re just basically on a month-to-month basis, and so, you just sign up for a month of guitar lessons, you get your four thirty-minute guitar lessons, and when we get to the fourth lesson, is when you pay your tuition for the next set of four – it’s just kind of an ongoing month to month basis. Got it. And are all the guitar lessons you teach half-an-hour, or do you ever teach longer lessons than that?

Tony Burnett: I do. I have some students that like to go one hour, and they go every other week for example, and it balances out to the same thing anyway. So, yeah, I do have a group of guitar students that like to come for an hour, and they come for one hour once every other week versus thirty minutes every week. Of course, and when you’re teaching guitar, which guitar do you find you use most? Would it be the one that you’re holding now, or would you use different instruments for different students?

Tony Burnett: Ah, you know what? Actually this guitar that I have behind me, this is my main teaching guitar that I use – just a Fernandes – Yeah. I’ve been endorsed by Fernandes for a long time; I have several of their guitars, and I love them to death – they’re beautiful. At the studio at work, I have about six or seven guitars there, and, actually, they’re all set in different tunings. Guitar students will bring in CD’s with songs they want to learn all the time, and sometimes it’s a drop D or a drop C or sometimes the seven string tuning, so I have those in case I have to work that song, and I need that particular guitar for it. That’s a really smart strategy to have the various guitars all ready to go, so whatever tuning you’re encountering, you can just grab a guitar and go, rather than having to re-tune.

Tony Burnett: Absolutely. Especially, a lot of guitar students – especially the younger ones – they’re really into the really heavy music – heavy metal and stuff – and the tunings are getting lower and lower. So I take a guitar like this – a Jackson that he’s holding – and I start tuning it down so low, the strings start getting like a rubber band. I sometimes start wondering how, when the strings are so low, how it’s possible to keep the chords and the music going, because the strings get so loose after a while.

Tony Burnett: That’s why they have seven, eight, and actually they just debuted last January at Namm – I was there – a nine string electric guitar now! No kidding? Wow!

Tony Burnett: Yeah! The neck is like a surf board – It’s this big (Tony holds his hands apart about six or seven inches). Yeah, it must be crazy just to look at.

Tony Burnett: If I ever bought that guitar, I’d have a surf board and a guitar, because it’s like this big. Well, would you like to play something, so that people viewing the video will get a taste for your guitar playing?

Tony Burnett: Sure – absolutely. I guess I’ll just improvise for a little bit. Yeah, that would be great- twenty, thirty seconds would be perfect.

(Editor’s note: Tony begins playing his guitar – demonstrating his proficient skill set, including tapping technique and searing lead guitar playing. Be sure to check out his guitar teacher page on FindaGuitarTeacher to hear and see him play.)

(After Tony finishes playing …) And, we’re going to wrap up the interview, but I want to thank you sincerely for taking in part in the interview. It’s great to talk with you and learn about what you do and to hear you play guitar.

Tony Burnett: Oh, absolutely. It’s my pleasure, and thank you for allowing me to talk about what I do. It’s been a pleasure. It really has.

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