Raycurt Aka Fiddla Violin, Viola, Piano, Voice And Cowbell.

Raycurt Aka Fiddla Violin, Viola, Piano, Voice And Cowbell.

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I've developed a rudimentary way of connecting musical thought as your personal language to express oneself, regardless an instrument or voice. Vocalist must find the sound and discover the dimensions of your voice as an instrument. How to create wonderful sounds within the syntax of music expression. This concept is a shared element for every instrument although the physicality to perform the technique becomes the challenge.

As a singer first and the Viola, my hand instrument. Viola controls inner harmony and rhythms in the string family. My perspective is unique as I approach as hear and teach the fundamentals. With this approach you will come to discover and enjoy the journey as you progress ti make nice music.

Therefore to arrive at the optimal result to reach your goal in making music.

Sharing my gift of music which I discovered as a child of couriosity and mischief. We all have this drive throughout our lives young and mature ages, as music serves us regardless the level or skils acheived. Music has led me to realize many insights and possibilities of myself. In my experience within choirs, church and secular, groups taught me about our natural nature to please each other through a learning process.

DC Youth Chorale was a special organization I was lucky to have participated in. Young talented children devoted and enthusiastic to interact in harmony. Excellent musical director and accompanist of world-class performance standards.

DC Youth Orchestra, when I picked up a Viola for the first time out of curiosity. Never put it away. Beethoven Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement, was the inspiration that took me to music college.

The creation of beautiful sounds and harmonies especially the rhythm of the Dance. Keep it moving!


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    I am an adult learner new to music lessons, and so was very anxious during my first violin session with Raycurt. I cant say enough about his professionalism and easy teaching style. We spoke prior to the meeting, and he told me what I needed to get started. More impressive, he showed up during a snowstorm! I highly recommend him.
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    March 02, 2018


    Raycurt is a pleasure to deal with. He is very talented and uses his talent to teach me the piano. He is patient with me through I am not a very good pupil.
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    March 02, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

     Assertain the knowledge  of music theory from any previous experience or training.

    For beginers, request a presentation of a simple song of any genre or of their specific interrest. 

    DC Youth Orchestra program participant. 5 years

    Duke Ellington School.of Performing Arts innaugural year.

    Theater, Music Dance studies.

    Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, NewYork

    Vocal, Viola and chamber music performance BM "1981"

    Minimum $40: forty minutes

    $60.00 one hour.

    $15.00 tranportation fee outside Metro-rail subway services.

    Occasion extra trainning and coaching from performing engagements.

    Seven years young is my limit to start. I've had college auditioners who were sucessfull obtaining their acceptance to major music convarsatories.

    Boston Conservatory and Julliard Music.

    Teens, 15-18

    Older adults seeking to ressurect their past passion for the art.

    The single mother mom who's two daughters are my pride and joy as I helped one continue her beginning on violin and to discover the sister with a natural ear for jazz on piano.

    Bonita, violin 

    Grier, jazz piano

    Seven months of lessons to gain independence to create their own melodies and sequences.

    Trick question? 

    Look for performing artist who double and are active.

    How much time they have do to put into and  practice time to achieve a goal.  What it really takes.

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