Boxing And Defense

Boxing And Defense

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Guarantee to learn more with me..then you would with somebody else in five years.In just one lesson...I have been teaching more then 25 years.. I love what I do !!!

Teaching someone my skills and talents and watching them walk around with more confidence..taking my skills and talents to the next level to become better boxers..

Talking to kids I work with as they were my own. Making sure there grades are excellent or getting better since we started training. I teach kids discipline and respect. To respect everyone. I also give them structure and talk to them about life in general if questions are asked.. I'm like a big brother to the majority of kids I train and a few adults as well. I treat everyone like family with respect..


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11 years in business
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Gianni B.

The best
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June 22, 2021

William I.

I have been trading with Martin for three years, boxing, kick boxing and weight training. We partners together for everyday conditions and anti-aging fitness. My self defense skills are now similar to my hero’s on TV it seems, hope to never test them out. It’s nice to know I would not be so easy pray in today’s world not to mention the athletic look and feel I have now at 55 years old.
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June 17, 2021

Junior E.

Coach Martin made me become a better boxer.. I had prior experience with other coaches.. for 5 years.. Coach Martin knows his shit!! I learned how knock people out with a two piece..In my second lesson. I barley touched the dude and he was down.. I looked at my gloves and literally started screaming I couldn’t believe I knocked someone out. In 5 years training I never knocked out any one.. Coach Martin is so fast and he is old 😂 I hope you don’t get mad coach you know I love you.. Best coach and mentor ever !!! Love you coach!!!
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June 16, 2021


He may b harsh but its tough love he will teach you how to box the right way.
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June 15, 2021

Ian S.

Martin, pushes to limits you never though you can achieve and gives you the motivation you need for the ultimate experience!
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June 14, 2021

Vanessa M.

I loved the fact that Coach Martin gave me so much confidence inspiration and a second chance to believe in myself… I learned some moves..I’m dangerous now.. I can defend myself and omg I can box better then my brothers that have been boxing for more then 4 years. No one can touch me.. I only took 8 sessions with coach Martin..He is the man!!! I recommend everyone to him..
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June 14, 2021

Frequently asked questions

Whenever I meet a new student I always ask if they have experience.

I ask them get into there boxing stance..

After 15 seconds of watching a new student shadow box.. I know if they have potential or not... 9 times out of 10 new students don't know anything about boxing. I'll train you and teach you like you were family all you have to do is follow directions..

I am a member of USA Boxing

I have been teaching for over 25 years..

I charge $100 dollars an hour to $2000 an hour depending what you want to do...

I will work out a deal with you if your serious...I can teach any one how to box with 20 sessions or less it depends on the student.. if the student pays attention do what I ask and follow directions.. If the student can learn quickly..I can most definitely teach you in a total of 10 sessions or less..

I started teaching after having so many boxing coaches myself as a child..I love boxing.. Trust me when you read this I know my shit.. I mix boxing with a little bit of Wing Chun blocks and moves you will not get hit much or at all if you Pay attention to what I teach you..

I worked with students from 4 years old to 90 years old..

it doesn't matter how old the student is..

What Matters is does the coach love what he or she does?

I love this Shit!!!

I always Trained never got involved with events.. This time I'm open for any events that need me as a coach..

My Advice to a new student is if a coach puts you in the ring to box with someone and you have very little experience..And you the student knows you have very little experience don't be stupid to get in the ring.. Because you could get hurt.. Boxing is an Art a game of tag.. Who can tag there opponents without getting tagged back..Find yourself a coach that will be there for you and not looking for a payday.. my prices  are high but I'm the real deal. I charge that much because I know my shit.. Cheap Labor is Cheap!!! Expensive Labor is a skilled or talent that is thought with love and 💯 percent done correctly..

Always find out how much experience the coach has..

ask to see a short video of the coach teaching someone if the coach has it..

if the coach is like me and keeps everything personal then ask for a 15 to 30 minutes of training for free

if you like the coach and feel comfortable then hire him or her 

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