Guitars From Spain

Guitars From Spain

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Offers online services
Offers online services


* Motivation and fun are Key!

* I teach all ages, however, most of my students are adults and professionals.

* I make lessons exciting and productive.

* 30 years of experience

* Stage Experience. I work as a professional musician for the last 35 years.

* I teach online via Zoom or Skype, or at my Boca Raton Studio. Mask required and 10 ft distance.

* I teach Acoustic, Electric, Classical and Flamenco Guitar , Bass & Drums (Drum Set & Latin percussion).

* Education - Masters in Music - Sweden 1989

* I organize 2 student concerts per year. Live or Online. It's important to have a goal.

* I speak English, Spanish, and 4 other languages.

* Once a student discovers how easy it can be to play a song they've been hearing their whole lives, they smile and feel the joy of music. This is the biggest reward a teacher/ educator can experience.

* I've gained friends for Life. My first teacher Gunnar Lif now 88 y/o, and I, still enjoy talking and discussing life and music.

* Music is a wonderful way to establish everlasting connections. It is not unusual I get stopped on the street and someone says, "Hi Eduardo, Remember me? you taught me to play guitar....."


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25 years in business
Serves Boca Raton , FL
Offers online services

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    David J.

    I have studied with Eduardo for two and a half years.We started in Florida and I worked with another teacher in New Jersey during the Summer season. This year, because of the Covid-19 virus, my lessons with Eduardo were via Skype, even though we were both in Florida. These lessons are completely satisfying and so enjoyable that I have continued working with Eduardo on Skype through the Summer. He is very serious about doing things the right way with respect to technique and musicianship and sometimes wears funny hats to keep it fun.
    Although I practice every day I now find myself picking up the guitar to play for my own enjoyment. He is really a very good teacher.
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    August 24, 2020

    Eugene T.

    Eduardo is an inspiring teacher and always tries to find a simple way to explain things. While he spends significant time teaching the technical aspects of guitar playing, he also emphasizes the way to express yourself in music. He also tries to select materials based on the students preferences. I would definitely recommend Eduardo for both beginner and more advanced guitar players.
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    August 22, 2020

    Jackson V.

    I learn a lot from his lessons, he knows a lot about the guitar.
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    August 21, 2020

    Sandra O.

    I LOVE Working with Eduardo He is extraordinarily patient, talented and positive. He always gives me inspiration to want to do better. I wish I knew Eduardo many years ago when I first started guitar.He is the best teacher I have ever had. Eduardo challenges me to learn more always, and I am constantly learning new and different things. And the lessons are always fun!
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    August 21, 2020

    Kody P.

    Eduardo is an excellent instructor; he knows how to motivate students and keep them focused on what is important. His musicality is of very high level, and you learn some universal truths during the lesson as well. 5/5
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    August 21, 2020

    Jose H.

    Eduardo is a very skillful teacher and expert musician, a nice and well educated professional.
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    August 21, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Initial free meeting with student

    Reviewing goals and educational material with student

    Inspecting instrument or suggesting one

    Setting up schedule and payment plan

    Start lessons

    Masters in Music Education Sweden 1989

    American School, Mexico City  1993-1996

    Additional music courses internationally

    Private teaching Boca Raton 1996-Present

    $30 / half hour

    $50 / hour first month 

    $60 after

    Adults 1 hour ( Suggested )

    Children ( under 12) half hour 

    We rent Classical  and  Acoustic (steel-string) guitars 

    When I was 16 y/o people asked me to teach them the songs I  played. In 1982 I started my Music Education in Sweden and Spain. I've been teaching since then.

    beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

    Classical, Flamenco, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

    Bass - Beginners

    Acoustic and Electric- beginners, and intermediate. 

    Drums - Beginners and intermediate

    Drum Set- Beginners and intermediate

    Latin Percussion -Beginners and advanced

    Congas and Hand Percussion - Beginners and intermediate

    This is a story about Tommy

    Tommy was 7 years old when his grandmother asked me to teach him to play guitar. She said, "Please make music a part of his life."

    At 12 years old Tommy had to stop taking lessons. His parents divorced and he could not afford it any longer.

    At 17 Tommy returned and asked me to prepare him to apply for the Navy Jazz Orchestra band. Since 2005 Tommy has been touring worldwide and dazzling audiences together with the USA Navy Orchestra Band.

    Stephanie came to me when she was 11. She told me she wanted to play guitar at her Bat Mitzvah 8 months later.  According to Jewish law, the Bat Mitzvah is celebrated at 12 years old. The day of her service, Stephanie was standing beside the Rabbi singing and playing her guitar,  the Rabbi invited her back every Friday night service. Until today, Stephanie keeps enticing congregation members and writing songs..

    One of my best students is an 88 y/o fellow, He started form scratch 2 years ago, He's now participating in all recital we do and  he's is dedicated and se

    You need to have a great connection with your teacher. Give him a chance for about a month,  and see how you both work together. 

    Students need to have very specific REALISTIC Goals within a reasonable time frame. 

    All musical instruments take time and dedication. Students to practice at home, maybe 30-60- minutes to see any improvement. 

    The teacher will show you the Road, but YOU need to walk it. 

    Services offered

    Bass Guitar
    Music Theory