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I have been teaching in Jacksonville Florida for over 35 years, with a well proven history of teaching successes from students. I teach a variety of subjects in all genres for guitar, voice, composition, recording, engineering, production, music theory and many others. I have a serious passion for teaching and composition in all genres. Students come to me because my methods work, and students progress quickly in their areas of interest. Some students come to me because they are beginners, or they just want to learn their favorite songs. Some want to learn a variety of different subjects, or to improve their overall performance skills. Others seek to improve their production works, or to reinforce their creative skills.

I absolutely love the variety of musical interests and genres that my students bring. I also love the variety of students themselves. I'm a one-on-one person, so teaching is a great fit for me.


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Ray W.

Ive been taking lessons for almost 8 months from Bob hes an awesome teacher I didnt know anything when I started Ive came a long way in 8 months if you want to learn to play I would highly recommend Bob.
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February 20, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Every student is unique, so my process depends on the students goals, age, subjects of interest, and their overall level of ability, etc.  I develop a program for each student's situation.  Some students prefer an academic approach, others prefer a customized plan.  My my broad experience helps deliver the right combination for a particular student. 

I started in music at age 9, I'm now 57.  I began teaching at age 16.  I have had years of professional training from countless instructors, along with decades of professional experience performing and producing a wide range of musical works. Presently, my focus is on teaching and composition.

I have a variety of discount plans, along with flat-rate pricing for single lessons as you go.There are never any registration fees or long-term contracts for students.  My prices are competitive among the various teachers.

When I was a kid, by the time I entered high school, I was already known as a local guitarist. So the other kids in school and friends asked me if I could teach them.  At the time,  I had never taught before.  So I told them I'll be happy to try. As it turned out, I discovered that I have a unique ability for teaching effectively.  Over the decades, I've continued to hone my skills, always seeking to find different ways to reach success for students.  Which brings me to where I am now, thirty-five plus years and thousands of student later. 

At this point, I think it's easier to ask who I haven't worked with!!  Literally all ages, all genres, all walks of life, all levels of ability from beginners to advanced students.  One of the things I love the most about teaching is the great range and divesity of students and their interests.  I would get very bored teaching if I took a cookie-cutter approach, or taught a limited type of student, or a limited area of music.  I don't think that would help broaden the ability of a student either.  I thrive on variety and versatility in my teaching style, which pays big dividends to those I am fortunate enough work with.

Well, last week, two of my most recent compositions were both forwarded for final consideration in popular cable programming.

Above all, find a teacher that you absolutely can relate to and who you believe in!  I don't think there is a magic answer here since every student responds differently to different teaching methods from different instructors.  If your goal is to find your musical soul, or to improve you performance and skill, then it becomes more specialized to find your perfect teacher. All teachers should have practical experience to offer any student, but I suppose the best experience for any student is finding teacher(s) that work best for their particular situation.  I strive to find the unique formula that works best for the student first, not my pocket book.  When I get the formula right then my students hang around the shop because it works for them, so they want to be here.

For beginners, if your fortunate enough to know your goals and needs, you might talk to many teachers before committing.  Even then, you might change your mind after getting started.  So I think beginners should not be afraid to really test the waters from many possible teachers.  This question is much harder for beginners because the student may not know how to evaluate their own goals or  how to evaluate whatever the teacher suggests.  Sure, I can say "I will teach you the basic fundamentals of playing guitar or singing" Or I might say "I can teach chords, scales, technique, pitch control, proper breathing" etc.  But what matters for the student are the results after getting started, whomever you select as your first instructor.  Honestly, teaching isn't about a sales pitch from the teacher.  So, I quesss the most important question is to ask yourself if the teacher you are considering seems right for you.  Ask youself questions, such as, Does the teacher peak your interest ongoing, Do you like the material you are learning, Does your teacher allow you to have a say in what material you learn?  And don't feel obligated if you change your mind after getting started. 

Advanced students should absolutely know their precise goals! As a teacher, it helps me tremendously when an advanced student has thought this through.  Even as an instructor myself, I'm never beyond considering supplemental instruction for my own goals.  But as I (or you) continue to advance, it becomes more difficult to find the right instructor who can precisely satisfy those goals. 

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