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Offers online services
Offers online services


Johnnie is from Akron, Ohio, refining his playing skills throughout the concert and club circuits from the age of eleven. Cutting his teeth with the likes of Tim (Ripper) Owens - (Judas Priest), Mark Matthews (Warrant), Neil Zaza and Freddie Salem - (Outlaws) just to mention a few of the musicians hailing from North-eastern Ohio were Johnnie first started playing. Johnnie's song writing is very extensive including all styles of musical effort Hard Rock, Fusion, Heavy Metal, Blues, and Classical influences. With a remarkable live performance.

The latest update is Johnnie performs on the release (Guitar Wizards Vol 1&2) Featuring Stand Alone along with such guitar virtuoso as Jake E Lee, George Lynch, Bruce Kulick, Chris Poland and many other guitar masters. Johnnie will be featured on the release called (Guitar Wizards Vol 3&4) with still more axe masters sharing the bill for example, current/former members of KISS, Guns N Roses, Heart, Ozzy Osbourne Band, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper Band, Dream Theatre, Skid Row, Megadeth, Jimmy Page Band, The Firm, Ratt, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Metal Church, Lizzy Borden, and others.

2016 will feature five additional releases with Johnnie's guitar work with the original compositions, Black Rose, Until the Sunrise, Music in me, Burning Desire and The Jean Genie (Bowie Tribute called Starman), and newly added GUITAR WIZARDS 5 on Versailles Records.

I am a professional guitarist with over 30 years of varied experience in guitar instruction.

I have taught guitar instruction privite and at Tampa Guitar School, Tampa FL, Sam Ash Music, Clearwater. FL Akron Music Center, Akron, OH, Gulia Music, and Canton, OH. I have also taught private over the years and I have also have gone to the students homes with amazing results! THIS IS A GIFT YOU WILL HAVE FOREVER!

Instruction in a variety of styles: rock, blues, shred, metal, country, classical, jazz, and more. Besides the basics for beginners, I taught specific techniques; such as sweep-picking arpeggios, fingerstyle, pick harmonics, two-hand tapping, scale runs, palm muting, and the "big" riffs and licks that every guitarist should know. Also theory: modes, the notes, scales like major, minor, blues, diminished, harmonic minor, melodic minor, chord theory, intervals, progressions, rhythms and songs.


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Offers online services

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George D.

Exceptional instruction, well paced and highly professional. Here is someone who TRULY CARES about his students as is able to custom tailor instruction to the needs and ability level of students.
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October 15, 2017

Kay E.

Johnnie Kaylor is a very accomplished guitar player and anyone would be honored to have him as a teacher.
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October 04, 2017

Peter A.

Our granddaughter is taking lessons from Johnnie. Very knowledgeable.
Great teacher. Peter and Jacki
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October 03, 2017

John H.

Johnnie is a guitarist’s guitarist. A great communicator and teacher.
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October 03, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Let's first discover what it is you really love and are trying to achieve! I customize the lessons for you to reach you goal ASAP! If you want to learn songs, play blues, rock or anything you what I will make sure you have the tools to do it! I love to work with children as well.

I have been playing the guitar for many years; I have studied and performed with some great players. I have had countless students go on to master the guitar and be an interact part of their lives!


For only $100.00 per month you will receive a 1/2 hour lesson a week/4 lessons a month!
For only $140. 00 a month! You will receive 60 minute weekly lessons/4 lessons a month!

How this works, is you pick a day of the week and time that is convenient for you and you get a 1/2 hour or 1 hour lesson every week at that time. Depending on the number of weeks in a certain month you will have 4 to 5 lessons per month. If you start your lessons mid-month (as opposed to starting at the first week of the month), you will have to pay for the weeks remaining in any given month at $25/Lesson.

Guitar Lessons in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Serving the Entire Pinellas County area including St. Pete, Seminole, Largo, Gulfport, Treasure Island, Pinellas Park, Pinellas Point, and Kenneth City I will also consider northern Bradenton.
My home studio is located near the skyway bridge in South St. Petersburg if you can come to me for sessions.

I can work with any student, from 5 to 95. You are never too young or too old to follow your dream of playing guitar!

Find a teacher that is willing to let you learn what it is you want to learn. It is your time so with practice you can see results soon to reach your desired goals!

I love to work with children as well.

What is your goal?
What styles and music do you want to learn?

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