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Offers online services
Offers online services


I teach the NATURAL way of learning music on your favorite instrument. Our curriculum is based practice that is FUN, learning to play, write, arrange, or record music.

My name is Chet Gass, and I'm an avid musician of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, saxophone, singing, and more.

I also produce commerical music, performed all around the United States, played & involved with award-winning bands, produced and recorded albums and have written and recorded hundreds of songs.

I've learned all of this by using a unique method of teaching myself, infused with the classical theory and study.

What I've mastered is a quick and easy way to pick up, learn, and master instruments, all while having FUN doing it.

And, it's a way that is easy and NATURAL.

I don't spend countless hours on boring scales, I don't lock myself in a room practicing to the mind-numbing sound of a metronome for hours on end...

I practice in a way that makes me learn easy, fast.. and most importantly, having FUN while doing it.

And I'm here to offer YOU that ability.

- Use the same program I've developed to teach and master these instruments for yourself.

- Discover how to write and record music easily and very affordably.

- And, learn how to play your favorite songs effortlessly.

- Best of all - make your practice FUN. That's my number one priority here at CG Music, and I can guarantee that everything I will teach you will both be Fun and Applicable.

I enjoy the looks on my students faces when they realized they learned their favorite song in a matter of 15 minutes...

...When they've "messed around" on instrument for years but never actually took the time to learn it, and within one lesson they are playing a song they've struggled YEARS to learn.

...When even the scales and stuff that is supposed to be 'boring' is tweaked in a way where is applicable to songs they know, and music they love - so they can jam along to songs, not even realizing that they are learning core foundation principals that will make them a master at their instrument down the road.

... When they say that practice doensn't feel like practice, it feels FUN.

But most of all, I enjoy bringing the life of music into other's lives like it's brought into mine. I can't imagine a day that would go by where I don't get to play, teach, or experience music - And there are SO many out there that feel the same (They just might not realize it yet!)

I eat, breathe, and sleep music - and I bring that joy and devine passion into the 'office' every single day. Because when you do something you love, it's not work - It's just living!


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We got hooked up with Chet through a mutual connection when we needed a teacher for our teenage boy. We just couldnt get him to practice for more than 15 minutes a week, it was always a humongous chore for him to pick up his guitar and work through the songbooks his previous tutor gave him. We decided to give Chet a try, and am SO glad we did. He had him learning songs and playing little ditties on his guitar in no time flat! He would actually countinously call us into his room so we could Check out this sweet new riff he was working on. Its like his whole demenour changed. Thank you Chet! For transforming the way that Josh looks at guitar, hes exited to play, he puts down that darn xbox and actually picks up an instrument now and its fantastic what hes done to bring excitement into what used to be so boring to him.
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March 07, 2017


Susan B.

Chet has been an amazing teacher to our little 6 yr old. Within an hour he had him playing his first song!! :) Hes always super nice, very helpful and patient with our little guy (which is good because he can be a total pill sometimes) and when we cant go to his studio he can give us lessons online and its no different than in person. You can tell he really has a knack for music and connecting with people, especially my little Alex! Cannot recommend him enough! :)
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March 07, 2017


Ray W.

Good people, I want to reach out to you, and tell you to hook up with this cat, he is, one AMAZING player and teacher, hes more than a tutor.. hes become an FRIEND!.. and you will learn so much from him.
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March 07, 2017


Darlene N.

You, your kids, or know someone who wants to learn guitar, bass or drums? Take lessons from one of the most talented musicians I know. Chet is a fantastic teacher and a great tutor. Just make sure you can find a spot in his schedule it fills up fast! lol
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March 07, 2017

Frequently asked questions

My typical process is finding out:

1. How much the student knows about music

2. What is most important to learning for the STUDENT

3. How they learn the easiest.

These are the only 3 pieces of information I need to match my curriculum to their learning style. 

Over 13 years professional musical experience in Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Singing, and more.

Performed all around the United States in solo entertainment acts, award-winning bands, and exclusive wedding & corporate events bands.

Been writing, producing, & recording commercial music for use in TV and DVD's since I was 14 years old. 

Produced, arranged, and written entire albums. 

Performed in award-winning bands.

Worked as a studio musician.

Worked as an audio engineer. 

Graduated Manatee School for the Arts for Music.

Lesson packages are easy, and start at just $120/mo.

This gets you four 30-minute sessions. (One per week).

Lessons can be conducted:

- At my personal home studio (*if local - all instruments & equipment provided)

- Or, best of all, completely via internet-video (you don't even have to leave your couch!) This is the preferred method for my students and there is ZERO compromise in progress (or fun!)

I've been teaching ever since I was 16 years old, when friends wanted me to teach them guitar, drums, bass, or how to record and write their own music. 

They saw how I picked it up so fast as was able to play along to my favorite songs, record myself, and write my own material.

I've since taught in the way that I learned, which is unique, fast, and FUN - and infused that with the classical training I received. 

I made a unique curriculum that is based on always practicing while having FUN, and also making progress on becoming a better musician, writer, composer, and performer. 

I've worked with everyone, from little kids to adults and seniors. The process is more-or-less the same for everyone. 

It doesn't matter if you've been playing for 20 years or have never picked up an instrument in your life. Its about having the tools you need to get to the next level.

My method can bend to the way the student likes to learn the best, and applying it to their specific method of learning, while practicing and learning the specifics they WANT to play.

When your practicing what you want to play, in the way you want to play and practice it, it doesn't become practice - It just becomes playing MUSIC. That's what makes it fun. 

When practicing that way makes you better and brings you closer to your goals, that's when it becomes REALLY fun.

A student of mine was able to play the 80's classic "Jessies Girl" in about 20 minutes using my method, she was absolutely thrilled to be playing an actual song after just picking up a guitar! 

Make sure the teacher is credited, and knows what he/she is talking about. 

Make sure the teacher has experience OUTSIDE of teaching. Do you like the music the teacher creates? Do you like their style, the way they play their instrument? The way they record and write their songs?

Don't book a tutor that will teach you only ONE specific way. Everyone learns differently. Make sure the way the music tutor teaches the material is both FUN and giving the student progress on their goals! 

Am I serious enough to book a regular time each week and devoting at least an hour or two a week practicing? (If it's fun, then the answer should be an easy YES!) 

Do I have an idea of where I want to go with music, what types of music I like, what music I want to write, what I want to perform? (This helps me shape what we focus on so it's both fun, and beneficial.) 

Do I want to persue music as a career or as a hobby? (Both are fine, but will dictate the level I would teach them at) 

If I'm having a blast doing this, how much time do I have to dedicate to learning? (This dictates the pace I will teach) 

How do I learn the best? Do I like to do things 'by the book', or do I like a more hands-on approach? (This helps me teach in the way that is most natural to the student)

Nothing is required - but everything here helps me tailor a program that will be best suited for the student to make the most progress possible, while having the most amount of fun doing it!

Services offered

Bass Guitar
Music Theory
Audio Production