Beginner Piano Lessons

Beginner Piano Lessons

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Offers online services
Offers online services


***I need you to text me at 8137707136 to arrange a lesson!! Not here!! It charges me money every time you send a message.CURRENTLY NOT TEACHING ANYONE OVER 40. No longer responding to people here.serious inquiries only.No fakes.Text me or leave a voicemail. Otherwise, you get none of my time,I'm a busy woman.***

I am classically trained in baroque/classical piano methods. I hope to impart the knowledge I have to beginning pianists of any age.I prefer to teach children or beginners. I Don't teach specific genres like Jazz!! what you choose to do with what you learn is up to you. However, I can only teach beginning or intermediate level classes.If you need advanced or extensive training at a higher level, I am only trained to teach the basics in which any student can gain a better understanding of the staff and play songs. I can also help with music theory if anyone needs help in that area. I am very passionate about teaching beginner students because they can start from the beginning and grow as a musician using what I am able to teach them. Thank you for considering me. -Jenn

Music is all about passion and expression. It is the easiest way for me to express myself and easy to enjoy by sharing my gift with those who want to learn. Music is known and loved by all so everyone can relate to it. I have at least 13 years of music experience and knowledge to impart.

I graduated from Howard W Blake High School for the Visual& Performing Arts.


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Julia H.

Jennifer was very nice and I felt very comfortable with her. Will definitely be continuing lessons!
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October 16, 2019
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Elizabeth S.

Jenn has the kindest heart and the most patience. She posted herself learning new songs and watching her struggle made meet fell more confident.
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October 15, 2019

Frequently asked questions

start with thier own knowledge of music,then go from there. It is much easier to teach someone who either knows nothing or can at least read a scale. I'd prefer to start from knowing nothing because it's very simple and it makes it easier to gain an understanding of what a student's capabilities actually are musically. 

I would also like to point out that if I teach your child, I'm doing it because the child wishes to&it is their chosen passion, not because you wish to vicariously live through your kid. 

BE OPEN TO LEARNING. you are not hiring a professional to teach you 1 genre but to teach you music fundamentals for life.  :) 

I played piano growing up from the age of 7. I went to a performing arts high school and had 4 years of piano training there as well as being in childrens chorus at church and had lessons in violin, flute and piano that entire time. Piano is one of my first loves and I really would like to share that passion with others who may want to learn but might think they aren't capable because anyone who puts thier mind to it can learn anything. 

I charge $30 per lesson. I am classically trained w 13 years of experience. I graduated from Blake High school's Piano and Chorus program in 2010 with Honors. 

A friend wanted to learn how to play a song for church who had next to no musical experience so I chose a very well known hymn we both agreed on for him to learn and worked for about a month or two so he could show his church family that he was able to play a piece at church service. he did much better than I anticipated at the service and came back and told me all about it. that is exactly the kinds of reasons why I want to teach because I want to share those sorts of joys with other people through music and songs. 

so far, I've only worked with one actual student but I will say students might catch on faster than I originally thought to practicing and getting the hang of the scales and playing a song. I like to start with easy 3 or 4 note songs and also teach chords since I grew up in the church I learned to sightread by playing hymns at church and it's a good exercise in sightreading to stregthen your hands as well as your mind when it comes to remembering how to play. learning and Practicing your scales is a very ipmportant way to exercise your fingers so that you can float about the keys easier when performing. 

I really like the Florida Orchestra Pops in the Park series because you can get to see musicians perform live for free and it's usually music most people know. 

I would say get to know everything you need to know but most importantly what level your child/yourself is musically.because if they are in need of a beginning,intermediate, intermediate advanced or advanced are the most commonly used terms one would associate with a students level of expertise on any instrument or vocally, you would need to find someone capable of teaching them at whatever level they are right now. That's very important in advancing a musicians education.I will repeat that I am only qualified to teach beginning or intermediate level students,no higher than that. if you are in need of someone to teach a higher level, you'll have to find someone more skilled than I. I can always help you find someone to help you or your child grow musically as I have many friends in the industry. 

they should think about what their goals are like why they want to play the piano. they should talk to thier teacher about whatever expectations they might have going into lessons. They should know how much lessons are and how much practicing they might have to do once they get lessons because most people don't gain musically without lots of hours at the piano over and over. I personally had to wait an entire year for lessons because my mother wanted me to be completely serious about them before learning piano. It's a real commitment and its also one of the greatest joys of my life. 

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