An Artist & A Kitchen

An Artist & A Kitchen

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Offers online services


I have been cooking passionately for 36 many before me, I started in the kitchen as a dishwasher. Now, I forge from my front door garden and tenture myself into the kitchen. I contenuie to cultivate, exploring and redefining new and old ideas alike. I was born in Mexico City and I have passionately rooted myself alongside the corn husks of my indigenous mestiso footprints, migrating north and into the influenced innovation of Americana cuisine. Along my travels, I have have had the oppurtuniy to learn and work with many significant culinary personalities.

As a documentarian of life, I love to ask questions that pertain the human condition. And more then often, food seems to always come up in the conversation intriguing my imagination and becoming an inspiration to my next prepared meal. Travel, break bread with a friend or stranger alike.

Now a days, it has become easier to order a hello fresh box and plate onto a table. The convenience of throwing a meal together seems to be the way to go? I totally disagree, personally I am the kind of person that's wants to know where my food comes from? I take pride in making every dish from scratch when possible. Literally I can taste the passion in the food, wether it's a mental thing or not, the flavor can not be denied. My biggest gratitude comes from everyone else's first bite. At that very moment, it tells me whether or not I mastered my kitchen experience.

I love to teach! Therefore, for me it isn't work. I have always inspired others to think along those lines, " Alocate yourself into a passion that supposedly will become your job!"

Earn your living doing something you really love tp do and by doing so, it will never seem like a job. That is exsactly how I feel about my own income earning hobbies under the huge umbrella of the art genre. I enjoy adding lots of color into the classroom or in this case any kitchen. To me, food is intriguing. I find it's history fascinating. I really take pride in learning the history of food. I am definitely a student of food history. I mentally travel back in time discovering the origins and how certain ingredients migrated to be. The indigenous vintage of its cultivation certainly reflects on how my food will taste, I try to prepare everything from scratch. A certained seasoned of history better said for sure. From the camp fires of the stone age, the food chemistry that has migrated forward has taken on a life of its own by the hands of innovation and invention. Before I cook, my mind goes into a calibration of flavors mode. I make every effort in pinching its historical perfection into my pan.

What I think defines a good cook from a great cook? Without a question, passion without the ego. Ego is just entertainment. Flavor is passion. A chef is an artist if food , and one that never stops learning. Just when you thought ypu covered it all, you are introduced to another spice of life. Recipes are like stars, they are so many out there, that you will probably not live long enough to count them all but you can sure make every effort in doing so. How many stars can you accumulate is the greatest cooking human question in your cook book. Accepting and embracing the endless discovery of learning and just simply breaking bread with those you love and care about makes the world go round. Because at the end of the day, smiles and laughter at the table along with great food is what feeds the soul. Let's turn the kitchen into our canvas and count another star!


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    Jay L.

    Delicious food from a true culinary artist
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    August 12, 2019

    Theo A.

    What I enjoyed most was his knowledge about food history. They entire evening was intriguing. What a personality! He was very humbling polite with a quick wit about him. I personally enjoyed his knife lesson and how to use them accordingly to the texture of the food preperation.
    Italian was on the menu for the evening. We learned how to make a quick but so good homemade gravy from scratch. I will never buy a jar sauce again in my life! Or Ill just have to buy his sauce, I think he called it Papas sauce.
    He defiantly has my recommendation and I will be calling chef Daniel back very soon!
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    August 12, 2019

    Gianna B.

    I really enjoyed his willingness to teach. He was extremely nice, knowledgeable and creative. We felt comfortable learning and it became an exciting evening of cooking, eating and conversation. His food was delicious!
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    August 10, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I would enjoy interviewing him or her. Asking them where their passion is? What do they want to achieve from their learning ?  Are they willing to cook and think outside of the box?

    This is additional information I will need to provide you with the best price for the your cooking lesson.

    Would I supply the food?

    How many people?

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    What type class/ Training?

    I would love to get to know what I can do to give you the best possible experience. I have been a chef for 23 years and have been teaching cooking/art classes for almost 10 years.

    I can provide great tips on almost any cuisine or style that is preferred.

    I look foward to hearing from you. Reach out anytime that works with your schedule.

    Corporate employee training certification (Chevey's Fesh Mex Corp.)

    36 YEARS in the hospitality industry. 

    Award winner in the Arts and design.

    Each lesson comes with a new experience.  I am extremely patient,  fun and I have classroom teaching experience as well a corporate certification in training. 

    I come from a lineage of educators and scholars.

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