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Family Christian Karate LLC is a faith based Martial Arts Company, however, we do not push our faith during our classes. We are simply Christians who teach karate and we want a higher standard to be expected from us in all dealings with our company. Our Martial Arts program both the evening classes and our aftercare/preschool/private school program are designed to provide students with skills to defend themselves, as well as learn on how to avoid physical and verbal confrontations and to only use martial arts as a last resort in the event it is needed.

Our program also gives students, both adults and children, an opportunity to gain more coordination and discipline. It reinforces family values that are being taught at home that help students become strong, respectful, and independent individuals.

Something that sets our program apart from many programs is that adults can train with their children in the same class they do not have to go to separate class times or days. We feel that the adults learn just as much from the children as the children learn from the adults.


11 years in business
Serves Alpharetta , GA

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    March 22, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    Each new student recieves one on one instruction at some point through out the class if there are multiple belts in the same class or another instructor will take all the new students and work with them on their techinques.

    I am a Fourth Degree Black Belt. I have been in martial arts since i was 9years old and have been teaching for over 20 years.

    I also was a amatur full contact fighter with the ISKA and have trainined and help teach other fighters that have become world champions and some are now professional fighters.

    I also have a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Criminal Justice from the University of North Florida.

    Our current pricing is as follows:

     Unlimited Classes  $99.00/mth 

    We offer Family discounts.

    No Contracts

    I loved being a martial arts student and as soon as I recieved my Black belt I wanted to be able to start teching so my instructor allowed to and mentored me so at the age of 15 that dream became a reality.

    I have worked with all types of students from ages 2years old on up to over 60 years old.

    I have also been blessed to be able to work with some studens with Autism and ADHD, I have found the students with these differences thrive in a martial arts program.

    I recently recieved my Fourth Degree Black belt back in 2016. Also i was able to compete in the Battle of Atlanta last year and took home third place in a the heavyweight division which was a 50 - 80 lb diffenece than my own division.

    To go and talk to the instructor and make sure that they are open and honest. Ask as many questions about their experience, and try a class out.

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    Mixed Martial Arts