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Are you a beginning guitar/bass player, if so watch my intro video on my website or read more details below.

Book a FREE 1/2 hour consultation in my studio with me!!!      
1-844-Mike-Walsh (645-3925)

*Play Guitar or Bass Like You Always Dreamed
*Have Fun and get Results Fast with a Revolutionary Music Program
*Learn The Basics and Proper Playing Technique
*Be a Star At Your School's Talent Show
*Play Your Favorite Songs And Jam with Others
*Record In A Professional Studio And Have Forever
*Video Your Performances And Be A YouTube Sensation
*Meet Other Players And Start Or Join A Band
*Get Prepared To Play Real Live Shows And Even Make Money Doing It
*Teacher of 20 Years with a Music Education Degree
*Grade School, High School and Adult Lessons Available

Watch my introduction video to get an idea of what I can do for you.

99% of traditional teachers will waste lesson time by writing in your lesson book during the lesson. This amount could be anywhere from 20-50% of YOUR lesson, but instead my lessons use a systematic DATABASE of lessons I created that I simply print up IN SECONDS for you. This aspect alone means my lessons save you $ and time since we'll learn and train during the saved minutes of EACH lesson. 52 one hour lessons a year could easily be 624 saved minutes or 10.4 hours!!! Yes, 10 FREE lessons you save with my system a year, whoa. That's one reason why I save you more $ by traveling a little for a great teacher.

Next, I email you that lesson file which means you have that lesson FOREVER!! Then you practice at home with a program that allows you to practice perfectly every time. The program will supercharge your progress because you're going to hear and see the music how it's supposed to be played 100% of the time. Traditional lesson books are more challenging to practice at home perfectly and since your teacher isn't there to help, you miss out on effectively moving ahead each week. I know, I stopped doing this with my students because my new systems results were overwhelming positive. My practice system alone saves your home practice time and lesson money even more because you'll train WAY WAY more and make faster progress which means you will learn more in the same amount of time and maximize our time together.

I'm a guitar teacher with a Music Education degree (that's not common in this industry) and have been teaching guitar/bass as my full time job for 20 years. I took everything that was limiting in traditional guitar/bass lessons and created my own system that checks every box and prepares you for every situation. My unique format WILL get you a lot better due to all the new categories we do each week and it WILL prepare you to succeed in the most REAL music situations you'll find for lessons. Yes, it's really fun and time will go by so fast you'll see why so many students stay with me for YEARS. I even have students who go on to become music teachers themselves which says a lot about what I can do for you and your music future.

Are you a beginner looking to make guitar/bass a FUN life long hobby?
Are you an intermediate player looking to perform music on stage like the pro's?
Then you need to contact me NOW and let me help you get there sooner than later!!!
I transform average Joe players into ELITE pro players. Check out my website for proof with student videos and my Student Testimonials page (new website as of 2016).

I'll teach and train you to get RESULTS, FAST. You're looking for someone who can help you with issues ranging from not knowing how to play guitar/bass to struggling with advanced skills like arpeggios or playing the guitar like an elite professional on stage. I have trained hundreds and hundreds of students with my efficiency techniques and help them overcome all playing obstacles. You'll learn more with me than any other guitar teacher, guaranteed!!

I'm the guy that FIXES ALL your plateau and playing problems from your years of lessons with self taught teachers. You have these issues because they did not show/know how to teach you PROVEN GUITAR TECHNIQUES that eliminate issues like string noise, strumming the wrong strings, fretting hand issues, picking hand issues, weak/slow tremolo picking, poor song memorization skills and FEW teachers train you on how to be a stage entertainer like I do. After a month with me, you'll see why I have so many top notch students who stay with me for YEARS/DECADES and play the way you want to play.

You'll train with a guitar program, and my massively growing database of lessons, to Turbocharge your progress. We'll then incorporate all of your lessons into a REAL WORLD scenario where you'll utilize all of those lessons (can't say too much here due to my unique and custom approach that NO OTHER teacher is able to offer). When you study with me you get the most complete circle of learning and training that's possible = FASTEST RESULTS.

Do you want to record in a real music studio and hear what you sound like?
How about learning techniques/skills/tips that will make your future recording sessions better? You're not going to get better at this until you do it and we'll do it regularly.
Not only is this a fun experience, but you'll get the knowledge needed to do this later on in YOUR band and lay down tracks with ease and in a timely manner to save money. So, what music store is offering this 1 aspect as a part of your development?  NONE!!! This is just 1 of MANY unique aspects of learning I offer as a total package to my students.

I enjoy teaching and having fun playing guitar and I believe that rubs off on students right away making the instrument easier to pick up and practice. I am also an Elite guitar player and students find me inspiring and a great motivator to have on their side to become the best they can. I know how to pass down all of my playing and writing experiences to you and help YOU be the one guitarist/bassist people want to play and sound like on stage and on CDs.

More specifically, I have a B.A. Degree in Music Education. I wanted to be the best I could at teaching music and spent a lot of time and money to earn that degree to help my teaching.

I'm constantly working on evolving as a teacher, writer, player, music engineer and experienced mentor. I pass down all this to students and help them mature as musicians much faster than even I did.

More importantly, what will YOU enjoy about lessons with me?

You learn in a systematic format that includes learning techniques that you apply to real world playing aspects like playing songs and recording them = HUGE gains in YOUR guitar playing!!!

You will learn in a professional recording studio and have access to use it to help you develop as a player and have recordings to keep forever on your progress. Can you do this at a music store?  NOPE!!

You break free from all the horrible training techniques the guitar community continues to pass down. I have used sports science to help you break playing barriers never seen before in guitar. I have students who play 400bpm and most of them are near 300bpm (this includes a 14 year old currently) and in case you're wondering, I can play 600bpm and offer a program called "The Super Shred System" to help you learn how to do it and BLOW AWAY all the competition = FOREVER!!!

You'll use a guitar program to help you develop faster at learning songs, exercises and rhythms. This training aspect alone will give you the best results while you're at home practicing, I know, I used to write in students staff books homework assignments for years and my new system is WAY BETTER for your weekly progress.

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Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
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What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

B.A. Degree in Music Education
Teaching for 20 years as of 2016

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

Call me 1-844-Mike-Walsh, we can talk and then meet here in my studio to see what package fits your goals and time frame of reaching them. I offer you different programs that will fit your needs regardless of time or $.

What types of students have you worked with?

Frustrated, Stuck in a rut, Career/Goal minded

Beginning to Advanced Guitar Lessons.

All Ages.

I also mentor students on auditioning for college and with starting off in the music industry as a player in a band, or teacher themselves.

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

Most people are looking for the shortest travel for lessons instead of the best, most qualified instructor who offers you RESULTS. The money you save on gas from taking from the nearest teacher is all wasted and then some when you're not progressing as quickly as you could when you team up with the mentor/instructor who can put you on the best path to reach your goals.

Also, I have more efficient ways during the lesson and at home for you to train so you save time BOTH ways which saves you YOUR time and money. You'll have to call me to find this out, but you'll see what I mean.

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

The QUALITY of instruction vs easiest and cheapest. Results are what you pay for and are the easiest way to waste your $ and time when you don't find the true professional teacher. YOU TAKE LESSONS TO GET BETTER, NOT BARELY BETTER.

Can you record?

Can you video?

Do you learn how to play with others and not be afraid?

Do you train for playing on stage?

Are there any systems or data bases of lessons you learn from to stay on track and not learn randomly?