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Michael Gray ~ The Best Guitar Lessons


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Do you want to become the best guitar player that you can be? If yes, then you need to work with the best guitar teacher you can find. When shopping for a guitar teacher, be aware of the huge difference between an amazing performance guitarist vs a trained guitar teacher with expert communication skills. The lessons market is flooded with amazingly talented guitarists that are highly entertaining to watch perform, but fall way short when trying to impart (or even explain) that knowledge to you, the student.

Let me give you a short list of common problems I hear new guitar students are having:

*I bought a guitar and a book but still have no idea how to get started!
*I've been playing for a while, but am completely frustrated with free online lessons & videos!
*I don't really understand how to read tablature! Tab confuses me!
*I'm having problems with my strumming!
*I don't know if I should play fingerstyle or with a pick!
*I have problems counting beats! I have problems with timing!
*I've been playing for a really, really long time and I'm still terrible!
*I know a few scales, but I still can't solo very well!
*When I jam with other musicians, I get confused and it sounds like a trainwreck!
*I can't tell what key songs are in!
*I know a ton of guitar theory, but I don't see the big picture -- I can't connect the dots!
*I'm trying to learn my favorite songs, but its going slowly and badly!
*I took guitar lessons once before, but it didn't go well!

Hold your head up! I will easily solve all of these problems for you. I will solve them quickly and forever. For you, the guitar will be your fun time and one of your best talents.


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