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When you finish reading, please call me immediately: 773-970-3940. If you have the slightest feeling that we could be a fit, pick up the phone and call. Doing this ensures we both get a quick chance to ask each other several questions and we will know within seconds if it makes sense for us to train together.
I’m a 30-year-old with thousands of hours in the ring, on the mats, and in the octagon cage. I have experience both in competing and just training to stay in shape or simply improve confidence/competence while going through your day. I have personally competed in a wide spectrum of combat events and tournaments ranging from unpublicized sparing matches that take place in the leaky concrete basements lying under Chicago’s filthiest gyms all the way up to nationally broadcasted and publicized fights that take place, live, in front of thousands of people. I have trained in boxing, MMA, BJJ, grappling, wrestling, and submission wrestling. I have some training in Mui Thai and kickboxing but they are not my strongest discipline.   

Combat sports end up having a very long list of benefits that will improve your life. I consistently use the skills, confidence, and discipline I learned from boxing in my daily life. It goes without saying that a large part of what I teach is the mentality of the fighter, the heart of the fighter, and the soul of a fighter. These are the abstract pieces that are easy to ignore because you cannot see them in a mirror but end up making all the difference. Mastering the mentality of the fighter is the difference between you standing up for yourself when needed or letting a bully walk all over you.

My goal as your teacher is to not only instill you with classic boxing fundamentals like how to punch properly with your weight behind your fist and your hand in the correct position to ensure you do not break it hitting someone but also to leave you with healthy, positive habits that result in measurable improvements in all areas of your life. The result will be you seeing times you have underestimated yourself at different points throughout your life.

I have experience coaching both children and adults. I have two sons one who is 5 years old and another who is 3. I actively work on boxing and wrestling with both of them several times a week so if you have a child who is looking to learn, they are both happy to participate and be great partners to your child which will prove to be very helpful and accelerate your child's learning curve tremendously compared to someone who does not have a complimentary child partner who can work with your child and give them real experience. There is only so much to learn from a punching bag and a good partner is a key to getting the most out of any combat training. 

Would love to chat further and see if we are a fit. Please call me directly to discuss the next steps. 773-970-3940. If I don’t answer just shoot me a text with why you are calling and I will call you right back. Looking forward to the possibility of working together. Have a great week. 

I improve myself equally with the students themselves. They like to paint teaching as this selfless act but the reality is that depending on the complexity and depth teachers stand to gain from teaching the material.

The thing I enjoy the most about teaching is that it gives you an opportunity to change the way someone looks at the world around them. You can challenge the status quo and watch the wheels turn within the students head. At that moment you know the person in front of you has been handed a new lens to view the world through. 

I love seeing people challenge themselves and accomplish things they would have formally deemed to be impossible. Once a person starts doing this, they get in the habit of facing their fears daily and doing things that make them uncomfortable daily. That aforementioned discomfort becomes an obvious indicator in our lives of where our next growth opportunity lies. Once my students start living this way, they quickly start to consistently do things they would have never believed they were capable of and the results are truly life-changing. In my opinion, this is the only way humans should live and so many people miss it, opting instead to stay in their comfort bubble and not rock the boat too much. It should go without saying, that although this comfort bubble provides you comfort, it is simultaneously robbing us of realizing who we were meant to be and what we were meant to accomplish in our short time here. There is no greater satisfaction in life than helping someone realize their true potential. 

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  • Lauren Wiltsie

    Coach Joe was knowledgeable and impressive from the start. Very professional but also very patient with me which lord knows I appreciate because no one has ever accused me of being overly athletic :-). Jokes aside though, Joe was at times almost overly patient, there were actually points where Id find myself feeling bad because of how slow he was having to go haha. I can laugh about it now but his willingness to go that slow with me made all the difference in my opinion. Boxing or some form of fighting sport has been on my "to-do" list for years. I initially decided to learn how to box after waking up one day and deciding it was finally time for me to take some personal ownership over being able to protect myself at even the most basic level. I am a 24-year-old girl who was by the grace of God able to survive my college years without being sexually assaulted (lord knows we are not all this fortunate) but I chalk that up to pure luck more than anything else because if a situation would have come to pass, I knew nothing at the time that could have helped me get out of that situation. I have always had plans to live in Chicago after college so I decided it was time to finally check this off my "to learn" list before making the move and I am glad I did. Not that I have had to use my new skills yet but the fact that I know I can makes all the difference in the world. When I met Joe the first time, I had literally 0 fighting experience at all, and like I mentioned earlier, not only did I have 0 fighting experience but my total athletic experience would be considered minimal by most people's standards. Despite this obvious less than ideal starting point, Joe had no problem taking the time to really break down the basics and work with me to lay a solid foundation. Now I have the knowledge to continue working on my fighting skills both on my own or with Joe. What I really loved is that because he knows more than just boxing, he was always happy to teach me self-defense strategies that went way beyond just boxing because he knew that although I came to learn how to box, I really came to learn how to defend myself. I had no idea what to expect when it came to boxing but I am so glad I decided to call Joe and make this a new part of my life. There is something so freeing about knowing I have some ability to protect myself now. There is also something strangely freeing about knowing exactly what it feels like to get punched. I found that I was way more afraid of the unknown than I was of anything else. Joe gave me the ability to replace those unknowns in my life with things I know and it feels amazing.

  • Susan P.

    Joe was great with my 8 year old son. He learned a ton from Joe! There were some not so nice kids in school my son encountered, but now he has more confidence to deal with them.


What is your typical process for working with a new student?

1) Set Goals - we will end up setting goals not only for the student just as importantly, goals for the coach (me) as well. This ensures that we both thought about what I need to be doing on a regular basis to ensure the student also reaches their personal goals. My opinion is that too many teachers get so focused on the student's goals that they forget what they need to be doing in order to properly support the goals of the student. This also helps ensure both parties that the coach never accidentally retards the student's progress. Once the goals are set and laid out in clear, clean-cut objectives we can get to work. 

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I have competed and trained in combat sports for most of my life. 

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