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When you finish reading, please call me immediately: 630-514-6318. Even if you have the slightest feeling that we could be a fit, pick up the phone and call. Doing this ensures we both get a quick chance ask each other several questions in a calm low pressure setting enabling us to feel each other out and know within seconds if it makes sense for us to train together.
I’m a 30 year old with thousands of hours in the ring. I have experience with everything from small Unpublicized sparing matches that take place in the leaky concrete basements lying under Chicago’s filthiest gyms all the way up to nationally broadcasted and publicized fights that take place, live, in front of thousands of people.

Aside from having literally thousands of hours in the ring and at the boxing gym, this sport ends up having a very long list of side benefits that will improve your life. I consistently use the skills, confidence, and discipline I learned boxing in my daily life. It goes without saying that a large part of what I teach is the mentality of the fighter, the heart of the fighter, and the soul of a fighter. These are the abstract pieces that are easy to ignore because you cannot see it in a mirror but end up making all the difference. Mastering the mentality of the fighter is the difference between you standing up for yourself when needed or walking to your car with your head down and your tail between your legs. Teaching  you Boxing’s age old discipline strategies will result in instilling you with healthy, positive habits that result in huge  improvements in all areas of your life. 

A prime example of me applying lessons from boxing to my daily life doing this was seen when I successfully set a lofty goal to become a self made millionaire before turnning 30 years old. I surpassed the goal 6 months before my birthday. I attribute much of my success in life and business to lessons learned and ones I continue to learn from the sport of boxing.

Another example of this was seen by 10 million people across the United States when I appeared on ABCs shark tank pitching one of my companies to the sharks. My episode was season 8 episode 21 and it aired April 14th of 2017. On that date the country witnessed me pitch and close an investment of $100k from the sharks  Barbara took the deal because I was able to put my emotions aside, harness the stress of the situation, and keep my composure. I was able to keep my cool under all that pressure simply because it is what I have done 1000s of time in the ring.

Would love to chat further and see if we are a fit. Please call me to discuss next steps. 6305146318. If I don’t answer just shoot me a text so I know it’s you and I’ll call right back. Looking forward to the possibility of working together. Have a great week. 

I improve myself equally with the students themselves. They like to paint teaching as this selfless act but the reality is that teachers gain a lot of it from teaching the material.

The thing I enjoy the most about teaching is that it gives you an opportunity to change the way someone looks at the world around them. You can challenge the status quo and watch the wheels turn within the students head. At that moment you know the person in front of you has been handed a new lens to view earth through. 

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

1) Set Goals - we will end up setting goals not only for the student just as importantly, goals for the coach (me) as well. This ensures that we both thought about what I need to be doing on a regular basis to ensure the student also reaches their personal goals. My opinion is that too many teachers get so focused on the students goals that they forget what they need to be doing in order to properly support the goals of the student. This also helps ensure  both parties that the coach never accidentaly retards the the students progress. 

    A) When setting goals, the most important thing is making sure that both coach and student (all involved constituents should partake in this discussion). For instance if your spouse wants to get involved in the process of you getting in shape and transforming who you are. Or maybe your mother wants to help you maintain focus on your new hobby. If the last two examples resonate are similar to your situation, my preference is to have any interested party involved in the goal setting process so myself, the student, and even the students support network all kick off on the same page knowing exactly what oour loved one is looking to accompliwants to be involved to be on the same page at the start by agreing that the goals the student wants to set . to ensure they are very black and white as to leave 0 room for interpretation. 

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