Spreading The Music

Spreading The Music



1. Offer all instruments, all ages 5 years old and up from beginner to professional, all year around.

2. We have flexible scheduling, asking for parents and students schedule first ensuring a consistent lesson time that works for you.

3. Will always provide make-up lessons with your personal teacher or provide a qualified sub with 24 hours notice free of charge.

4. Have three formal concerts including several pop up concerts a year so the student will have the opportunity to perform in the community.

5. Beautiful and safe location uptown on Freret street next to coffee shops, restaurants, performance venues and clothing stores.

6. Nothing is required at your first lesson except for an instrument, a smile and willingness to learn. Even if you dont have an instrument yet, we can still get started and provide expert suggestions for instruments.

7. Easy monthly billing. Never have to remember to bring a check. We keep track of all of that for you.

....and that's just the start.

Each student is surrounded by passionate, creative, attentive, and talented teachers who deeply understand the value of keeping music alive in all capacities. It is our mission to Spread the Music and broaden not only our students understanding of music, but to prepare them to be contributing members of the larger community.

We offer private 30, 45 and hour long music lessons on all instruments including vocal, studio rental and music classes to all ages. Including adults!

Owner, Candace Crawford, graduated with a duel degree in Music Education and Oboe Performance at Ithaca College, Ithaca New York. She has been a teacher for 15 years and holds her students and teachers to a high standard of excellence, taking them from where they are to where they want to be. We have created a bright, safe, and artisitic environment designed for you to feel comfortable and free to learn at your own pace.

We enjoy seeing students be suprised by their own learning. Our passion is to take you from where you are and take you to where you want to be. We have the opportunity to share our passion through the outlet of music and the city of New Orleans allows us to do just that.


18 employees
8 years in business
Serves New Orleans , LA

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Frequently asked questions

First we always ask what is your favorite thing about music. We want to know what type of music the student likes to listen to at home. This is to ensure that we always keep the student interested and passion at the forefront of their education. We want the student to come back excited about what they just learned.

Then we dive into a series of exercises from ear training, pitch matching, visual pattern recognition, hand independence, rhythmic intuition and posture disposition. This is to gauge what method book to use, what type of music will help them progress, and what type of student they are. 

Then the journey begins. Start with holding and taking care of the instrument and ideally by the end of your lesson you will be making your first sounds. You will be assigned a book, given homework, and taught how to practice what you just learned. Not all students require a book, some learn by ear or like to compose their own music. We make sure it is personalized. If this is a child, we always provide the parent with a weekly updates of their progress. 

Graduated with a bachelors in Music Education and Oboe Performance at Ithaca College, New York. Have been a teacher for 15 years in counting. Have taught hundreds of students from 135 peice bands to 5 peice sectionals and chamber ensembles. Specialize in private music lessons in piano, violin and oboe. 


$30 per 30 minutes. Or $120 per month for weekly music lessons. 

$45 per 45 minutes. Or $180 per month for weekly music lessons. 

$56.25 per 60 minutes. Or $225 per month for weekly music lessons. 

Types of students? There are too many types of people to include them all. My students have ranged from 5 years old to 65 year old. Kinesthetic, Visual, Audio and Independent learners. Students with special needs, physical disabilities, autistic, ADD. Students who have never held an instrument before to professional musicans already making a living through music. Students preping for college, competitions, recitals, master classes, auditions. Student who have never read music before. A beautiful array of nationalities and backgrounds. Students who are wildly creative and can't sit still to students who are extremely structured, reserved or shy. 

Check if they have a degree in education. Just because they are an incredibe performer doesn't mean they can teach. If the degree doesn't matter too much to you, then ask how many students they have taught. If it is less then 5 or 6, it is likely they are way too inexperienced to understand all the types of learners out there. 

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