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  • Andre Thalberg

    Ms. Vivian K. possesses in-depth musical knowledge. She is a very enthusiastic and outcome-oriented teacher. Ms. Vivian K. is an excellent communicator and fantastic goal-setting motivator. She really cares about her students’ development. She can identify problems with their technique quickly and show the ways to improve it. She has a strong commitment to fundamentals and is never afraid to go back to the “basics” (exercises, etudes, etc.) to perfect the most difficult parts of the musical pieces. Ms. Vivian K. believes that practicing correctly is the mindful way to grow and reach students’ potential. Her explanations are very clear, concise and extremely helpful. She teaches her students to hold themselves to a high standard.

  • Sandra Li

    Ms. Vivian K possesses outstanding teaching abilities and unique teaching strategies. She brings out the true artist in her students; although she focuses very much on clean finger technique, she also instructs students to play with expression. Ms. Vivian K is meticulous in developing artistry in her students, teaching them how to convey emotion through their playing. When presenting students with a new piece, she provides them with its history and background information, and suggests a few pianists that they can observe and learn from. Despite holding high standards for her students, Ms. Vivian K is extremely good- natured. When pointing out trouble spots that need work, she patiently explains the correct way to play and gives instruction on how to practice. However, she does not only focus on the technical aspects of each piece, but also on its small nuances, tiny details that have a huge impact on the quality of the performance. Ms. Vivian K makes sure that her students are well-equipped and well-prepared for competitions so that they can perform their best and hopefully receive good results. With her careful, patient instruction, Ms. Vivian K's students learn to demand more of themselves and reach higher to become pianists of skill and passion.

  • Haolin Sheng

    Ms. Vivian K is an outstanding piano teacher with a meticulous attention towards the quality of both the audio and the visual of her student's performances. Her classes stress on perfect form and expression in order to convey the message of which the composer wishes the audience to understand. This high quality performance is only achievable through her unrivaled patience for her students to master the piece, as well as her focus on basic techniques. Her strategy for every student to succeed in this art is to build a strong foundation so that it will not crumble down when faced with a complicated piece. While many other teachers are happy with just being able to play the piece, she pushes the students to bring the piece to another level by adding small details that accentuates the emotion that needs to be expressed through the piece. The result: a masterpiece. Through her instructions, students become intrigued by this art and start wanting to keep going and get better. They learn that piano is not just something for the other's enjoyment, it is for their own enjoyment too. As a result, my child participated in piano competitions several times, and had the opportunity to play the piano in very famous halls such as the Carnegie Hall in New York and Royal Albert Hall in London, UK etc. I strongly appreciate her hard work and great help.

  • Christina Zhu

    Over the years I've spent studying under Ms. Vivian, my piano proficiency and music knowledge increased immensely. She is a phenomenal teacher, being very observant and dedicated. She carefully instructs on how to bring each piece to life. This includes specific pedaling, extravagant movements, flawless dynamics, and much more. When I first began lessons under her, she made sure I had a strong foundation by assigning me numerous scale and fingering exercises. Eventually, this led to more and more advanced repertoire with complex passages that I am able to play because of said exercises. In addition to classical music, she has taught me music theory, music history, and transposition. Through recitals and local performances, I've noticed that her other students excel at piano as well. Ms. Vivian helped me achieve my dream of performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I'm incredibly thankful that not only did she teach me to play piano, she taught me to enjoy music. What starts as a few lessons turns into a lifelong hobby

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