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The first thing I ask any student is "What do you want to accomplish?" Your intent needs to be clear, to me and especially to yourself. Is your goal just to sound decent around a campfire with some friends, or to have a stellar performance at a large and formal venue?

Who do you want to sound like? Do you want to do your own writing, or just primarily covers? What musical artists are your primary influence? 

Together, we can learn songs by your favorite artists, and help you write something in a similar vain, but with your own unique flare of creativity.

A lot of instructors are afraid to refer their students to other sources of (free) teaching, because the student might then drop the lessons to save money. Not me. I won't hesitate to refer you to certain youtube videos, guitar tablature websites, etc. if I think it will help you. I adore this age of free information that the internet has helped create, so I will not hesitate to refer you to free instruction/advice that I think may help.

But there is nothing like a personal in-the-flesh lesson. Having an experienced instructor observe firsthand whatever mistakes you may be making, customizing lesson material to fit your goals and desires... there's just no substitution for it.

I'll let you know, I am 24. I've had a few students who've been turned off by my young age.

But I've been playing very seriously and sincerely for over 11 years. I took advanced lessons from Northwestern University here in Roseville MN for 5 years from my instructor Erik Jostad. I can relay that information, plus all of what I've learned on my own from hours of research and dedicated practice, for a fraction of the cost of lessons like those I had, or like that which a place like Guitar Center offers.

And I will put health and safety first. The first thing I will show you are hand and wrist stretches. I'll keep an eye on your technique - balancing that sweet spot of not being overly critical in the developmental stages, but also not letting big technique errors/mistakes slip by. As you learn and improve, I will focus my observation of your technique respectively, holding you more accountable for smaller technique errors as you improve your playing.

This is just a small example of my teaching method.

I hope I didn't ramble on too long here, but I do not have a degree to present to you. If I did, I think I would be like most people that have one and not feel a need to say very much, because the degree speaks for itself. It does, but it speaks vaguely. It says that they have the same credentials as the hundreds of other people who have the same degree. Nothing more. You don't really know if they're right for you. I've had licensed instructors who were dull as doorknobs and made me dread going to lessons. 

I think the personality and specific instructional traits of the individual are just as important. So, while my young age may indicate I lack experience as an instructor in comparison to older teachers, it is a sure sign that I have the energy and enthusiasm that may be perfect for a newbie on guitar. Another upside is that with me, compared to a 50 year old who's been playing since he was 12, the memories I have of learning the guitar are not near as distant - I can recall what the unfamiliarity was like with greater clarity, and put myself in the shoes of a newcomer with that much more empathy.

Thank you for reading all of this. I want to be very transparent, and make my intentions, background, and understandings clear. Let me know if my teachings will be of interest to you :)

I offer trial discounts on the first lesson, $30/hr, $20/half-hr.

Thereafter, if you like my style and wish to continue with lessons, it's $50/hr, and $30/half-hr.

I'm not comfortable having people over at my home who I've never met before. I don’t expect you to be either. Unless you are, I think a public place like a park would be perfect for learning :) Especially now that the weather is so nice.

Or we can skype, if you have the ability. Skype lessons, since no commute and greater convenience, would be only $40/hr ($25 first lesson) or $25/half-hr ($15 first lesson) paid through PayPal. If you have Skype and PayPal, this is a great and convenient option, and will save you money and both of us time.

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