Lessons With Landon

Lessons With Landon

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My name is Landon. I am a working musician, experienced sound engineer and music instructor here in the twin cities. I have been teaching students of all ages since early 2008 and playing since the mid 90s. I am located in Minneapolis. I am also experienced in piano, vocals, and many modern virtual instruments and recording technologies. Understanding one has offered insight into how others work, but, from a different point of view. It has enriched my understanding of how separate parts can work together as a whole, and make the experience that much more interesting.

I never talk down to my students. I treat them with respect. One of my favorite things about music is that, no matter our skill level, we are always capable of learning new things.

Music lessons, above all, should be enjoyable. That's what music is all about. The more you learn, the more you are able to accomplish, the more fun it is!

I love seeing people grow in their ability and appreciation for their instruments. I also really enjoy the challenge of finding the best way to teach each individual student. You probably know that we all learn in our own way, and finding what works best for you is what I do best!


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Ben B.

Landon is one of those teachers that is just right. He is super enthusiastic about music and makes every lesson fun, but he also makes sure that you practice and practice it right. If youre passionate about your love for music and want to expand your abilities, or if youre a first time player and just want to learn the basics, Landon is a great resource. I would highly recommend.
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June 17, 2018


Jason D.

Landon is an engaging, charismatic and patient individual that is an absolute delight to learn from. He has been able to teach me musical styles in which have broadened both my imagination and esteem about my own talents!
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June 16, 2018


Jake O.

Landon is an incredibly talented musician and a great teacher, he teaches a wide range of instruments and even vocals. Just the other day he taught someone who never touched an instrument how to play well enough to get through an entire song with other musicians. He did this in just minutes. I cant quantify how much I have learned from him over the years.
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June 11, 2018


Preston f.

Very patient, has alot of skill hes a great musician and fun to be around. If you need lessons i reccomend you go through him!
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June 11, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I always try and help a new student find excitement for learning something new. Our lifelong journey of musical discovery never gets old, and it's something we can explore, treasure and share with others for as long as we enjoy doing it! 

Here's a breakdown of the steps I go through in a typical first lesson:

-Assessing the student's ability and undestanding of their instrument.

-Learning what music they enjoy and how they want to improve.

-Developing and laying out a simple plan for how we can achieve short and long term playing goals. (Trying ideas out along the way)

-Explaining what practicing should look like and sound like.

And, finally:

-Answering any questions that the student has.

I have been playing music since middle school, and played in jazz and concert band through high school. I marched division one drum corps, studied music theory and recording in college, and took music lessons myself for a time. I also ran a recording studio for a number of years while working and teaching at a music store. 

Lessons are $30 per half hour (paid before the lesson) and are generally once per week. If you would prefer a longer lesson or a custom schedule, just talk to me.

I started teaching in 2008 because I was told by my own instructor that he thought I would be good at showing others how to find the same love for music that I had found. There was an opening at the music store that I worked at and I was off to the races. I ended up teaching there for over 5 years and then continued on my own after that.

I have worked with students as young as 5 and people as old as 80. I have also had a number of students with autism, several of whom turned out to be amazing musicians!

Having barbecue and playing music with friends and loved ones on a beautiful summer day in the backyard.

I suggest diving in. Don't be discouraged or compare yourself to others. We use music to express who we are. We all do it in our own way and if you don't enjoy doing it, you're not doing it right! Another important thing to remember is that having a teacher that is the right fit and is easy to get along with is huge. There are many people who are fantastic musicians, but don't relate  ideas to you in a way that is easily understood. That can be very discouraging to someone who is learning. Most importantly you should feel good about what you're doing, what you're learning, and who you're learning it from.

-What do you like most about music?

-Why did you choose this particular instrument?

-What do you want to learn?

-Are you willing to put in some effort?

Most importantly:

What is the greatest band of all time?

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