Corinn's Voice & Piano Lessons ~ NJ

Corinn's Voice & Piano Lessons ~ NJ

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I am an experienced private voice and piano teacher who teaches out of studios in Jersey City and Hillsborough. I taught in NYC/NJ privately and at a music/dance academy for 7 years before building a studio in London, UK for the past 3 years. I have a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education, as well as a Master of Music in Performance. I have been singing and performing all over the world for over 10 years (including opera, musicals, pop, choir and jazz) and playing piano since I was a child. Living right outside or inside New York City my entire life and performing around the US, Europe, and parts of Asia I have studied and worked with some of the finest musicians, teachers, conductors, and directors in the business.

I have been teaching voice and piano for 10 years to various levels of musicians both privately from my studio and at a music academy. Whether you are looking to improve your singing (and/or speaking voice), learning to play piano for fun or are looking for very serious instruction to be considered for competitions or programs; I can help. I teach all ages: 4 - adult for piano and 6 - adult for singing. Both my voice and piano students have placed in competitions, been accepted into prestigious music programs, schools for the arts, choirs, and shows as well as have completed grades in ABRSM and Trinity exams. I have trained my voice students for auditions for roles on Broadway, the West End, agents, commercials, etc... For singing in different languages I can coach English, German, French, Italian, and Latin. I also have worked with acting directors for the stage, movies and commercials and coach techniques for onscreen or stage acting. About every 9 months I organize recitals and different opportunities for my students to perform in public. 

I have a very individualized approach that focuses on each student's strengths and areas for improvement in a highly supportive and encouraging environment in the student's own home or at my studios in Jersey City or Hillsborough, NJ - I do ask for an additional $10 if you need me to travel to you.

At the conclusion of each lesson I give the student weekly assignments (that coincides to what their weekly schedule is like) that get written down and give the parents/guardians feedback about the lesson.

Piano - $32-half hour, $48-45 mins, $65-60mins

Voice - $35-half hour, $52-45 mins, $70-60 mins


Student Reviews (after 3 weeks of study):

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Corinn is great, even if you're an absolute beginner like me you'll learn so much by taking lessons with Corinn (& you'll have fun too!) ~Ashton

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Absolutely fabulous! ~Ekaterina

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Corinn is an excellent teacher. She is very enthusiastic and engaging and my daughter not only has really enjoyed her sessions but has also learnt a lot. I can highly recommend her. ~Jane

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Corinn did a great job preparing my daughter for singing audition. Highly recommended. ~Davorin

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Corinn is absolutely wonderful and has been a great asset for me in learning piano! ~Joe

Rating: 5/5 Comments: I have found Corinn to be timely, professional, enthusiastic and, as I am a beginner … patient !! ~Alistair

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Looking for a vocal teacher? Stop thinking a lot and just opt for Corinn. Trust me, in the first 3 class you are definitely going to see a change in the way you approach singing. She is just awesome. ~Karuppiah

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Corinn is a fantastic singing teacher who has the experience and enthusiasm to help achieve targets you set yourself. In the few lessons Ive had I feel my voice has improved by using the correct technique and breathing. Really enjoying our lessons and I would highly recommend her to anyone. ~Marios

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Wonderful teacher. Very flexible. She relates really well with young children. Couldn't be happier. ~Amy

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Corinn is a fantastic teacher, and I would highly recommend. Share is flexible with lessons and doesn't put pressure on to keep the lessons regular. She has a huge amount of patience with beginners like myself. Extremely encouraging at all lessons. All round great teacher and lovely person too! ~Ed

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Professional, friendly and flexible!!! Great experience and quick progress! ~Anastasia

Rating: 5/5 Comments: Corinn has been wonderfully accommodating, explains what she is doing very well, is encouraging and so far I am very impressed ~Damian    

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4 Reviews


  • Staci

    My daughter couldn't be happier that we found Corinn - she says she wishes she could have a lesson everyday. In just 3 short weeks we have seen a major improvement in her piano playing. She has been positive, professional and helpful and we would recommend her to anyone.

  • Tim

    I have had only two lessons so far and am really enjoying learning my music so that I can sing with confidence at my next concert. Corinn is a wonderful teacher both of technique and confidence boosting. I hope to be able to continue my lessons for the foreseeable future. I am very impressed.

  • Amita

    Corinn is an amazing teacher. She's friendly, upbeat and knows her stuff. I haven't taken private lessons before and in just 2 weeks the things I've learned from her have made an impact on my voice. I'm already working on a new song, something I never thought I would be doing so early on. The best part though is the way I feel after the classes. Even if I've had a long day at work and it's raining outside, when I leave Corinn's lessons, I literally feel like everything is ok. I spent 10 years away from music and choosing to go back and take these lessons for myself has been one of the best decisions I've made. I'd recommend Corinn to anyone - adults and kids, beginners and professionals.

  • Jane

    Knowledge, patience and enthusiam.