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We teach a unique martial arts system that's good for the body and mind. As a traditional martial art, we have so much to offer -- our system includes forms, kung fu weapons, partner techniques, a fighting system, joint locks, meditation and so much more. It's designed for good health and self defense. And our SIfu, a master in the system, is one of the best martial artists in New York, with experience in both tournament fighting and performance of forms. We have a great community as well, that has grown with our school.

In a time of great stress and instability, we get to work with people on something positive and meaningful. Kung Fu is so healthy, it keeps us stable, grounded, and in good health. And in addition, we practice self defense which gives us a sense of confidence and control -- our practice is keeping us centered in a challenging time, and we enjoy helping others feel the same. Also - kung fu is a fun and beautiful art, with plenty of room for creativity.


11 years in business
Serves New York , NY

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We start with Kung Fu basics. Our system is called Eagle Claw so we begin with some of the basics of our system. In addition to strikes, kicks, and blocks, and our unique "claw." We help the student get grounded and master these basics, at which point (after afew classes) they start learning froms or routines they can practice at home. Sifu Dario is excellent and adapting our system to the needs, interests, and skills of every individual, including people who are new to martial arts, and people who come in with a martial arts background.

Both Sifu Julie and SIfu Dario were trained by the Grandmaster of the Eagle Claw system, Grandmaster Leung Shum. In addition, both SIfu Julie and SIfu Dario have experience in other Kung Fu and martial arts styles. Each brings over 35 years of martial arts practice to their lessons.

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