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Cindy Piano Lesson

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Hi there, I'm Cindy. I have been teaching for 3 years already. Currently, I teaching in Melody Music School. I work with students from kindergarten to high school. I really care about students. I enjoy teaching a lot and hope to bring up students' interest in music.

I love to spend time with students. I cannot describe how much a sense of achievement I acquire when helping students achieve their goals. I believe every student has its own talent. There's no student cannot learn. I'm usually known as a patient teacher. I love to work with kids in beginner's level, and teach them the process of learning and playing music at the same time. Moreover, I'm not only a pianist but also a composer as well. Feel free to visit my website:


Serves Brooklyn , NY


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Jerry H.

Cindy is very friendly and a great teacher for piano. I highly recommend her.
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April 23, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I would evaluate their level in the first class, and ask their goals of learning piano. Afterwards, I would pick pieces that are suitable for them.  

I got my undergrad degree in piano performance and grad school degree on scoring for film and multimedia. As a pianist and composer, I believe I can give my students the best training for piano and music theory. Moreover, I can even compose pieces for student that best suit their interests and levels.

Usually 40-60. Depends on the location.

I was a substitute teacher for my classmate and then turned into a formal teacher for the music school after couple classes.

Any kind. I believe there are no bad students, only bad teachers.

What are your goals?

What kind of style are you interest in?

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