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  • Concetta Abbate Teaching Artist

    Concetta Abbate Teaching Artist

    Brooklyn, NY · Concetta Abbate

    (5 reviews)

    Concetta Abbate is a violinist, violist, vocalist and composer in New York City. Concetta began studying classical violin and ear training at age 4, with Irene Lawton as her primary teacher. She later continued her classical studies with Jody Gatwood (Catholic University), Tanya Kalmanovitch (New England Conservatory) and Emily Ondracek (Columbia University). After a childhood dedicated to classical training, Concetta became interested in delving further into her interest in folk music, pop, and jazz. She writes original art songs inspired by natural science, folk tales, poetry in Sp
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  • Yoon Jae Lee - Piano, Violin, Music Theory Instructor

    Yoon Jae Lee - Piano, Violin, Music Theory Instructor

    Manhattan, NY · Yoon Jae Lee

    (1 review)

    I am a highly-skilled professional musician certified as a certified Steinway education partner with over 14 years of teaching experience. I offer lessons in classical piano, violin, viola, conducting, arranging/orchestration as well as private tutoring in ear training and theory. My main instrument is piano and I specialize in teaching students who already play the instrument and wish to get a more in-depth experience with piano literature by learning new repertoire and developing their technique. I also teach adult beginners and young beginners whose parents have a dedicated commitment to
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  • Elliott Violin Lessons

    Elliott Violin Lessons

    Brooklyn, NY · Elliott Niebch

    (1 review)

    My name is Elliott Niebch. I'm a violinist in New York City living in Midtown west and am currently accepting students of any age ( 7-90 years old), beginner to intermediate. I can host lessons in my apartment, or travel to you! I am a Violin Performance graduate from FSU (2004), and have a few years of teaching experience. I play in musical organizations throughout New York having a passion to pass on my knowledge of music to others. My background in both education and performance gives me a unique understanding of the artistry of both playing and teaching music. My goal is to connect with e
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  • Hahnsol Kim Violin And Viola Lesson

    Hahnsol Kim Violin And Viola Lesson

    Manhattan, NY · Hahnsol Kim

    My name is Hahnsol Kim and I am currently enrolled in The Juilliard School as a master candidate. I have been teaching for about 8 years, various students age from 4 to 50. I can help my students whatever their goal is. Either professional or amateur, I will make sure my stdent loves the music!

  • Music Theory Lessons

    Music Theory Lessons

    Lower Manhattan, NY · Claus Dose

    Music Teacher Claus Dose (Claus-Dieter) has been teaching music students since 1993. While he enjoys teaching adults, teens, and older children, he loves teaching beginning piano students who are preschool and kindergarten aged. Claus has been playing the piano for 45 years. He also has a bachelors degree in Elementary Education from the New York University, and has been a classroom elementary school teacher since 1989. He uses his knowledge of the multiple ways children learn to help them understand music theory, and how to play the piano. He wants students to enjoy playing, practicing, and p
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  • Ju's Violin Studio

    Ju's Violin Studio

    Astoria, NY · Ju Jin-Bornet

    Great violin lessons with a lot of Fun! Learn the violin fast and easy way! About the violin teacher, Ju Jin-Bornet        A native of South Korea, violinist Ju Jin-Bornet has been passionately performing and teaching in New York City and New Jersey since 2008. She has performed in a wide variety of orchestras, including Broadway show “the Phantom of the opera” (sub), the NYU Symphony Orchestra (concertmaster), the S.O.Phi.A Orchestra (concertmaster), the MSM Philharmonic (assistant concertmaster), the Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra played in Carnegie's Weill Hal
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  • The NYC Violin Studio

    The NYC Violin Studio

    New York, NY · Antoinette Ady

    Finding an educated player and finding a good teacher are two completely different things. When I see other teacher's profiles, they boast of the years of training they had. Anyone can learn and play. Not anyone can teach. PATIENCE When you know how to teach properly, you have a seemingly endless resource of patience. This is because what the student sees as "patient" is really just a small step in the educational process. It is a fraction of time just before a correction. When you have something new to teach, whether it is a new technique, or a correction of something being done imp
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    Brooklyn, NY · Kelly Lockwood

    The Brooklyn Music School views music and performance as the birthright of all people, an essential way that human beings connect with others and explore their creativity. The study of music has been demonstrated to enhance academic learning and helps to develop discipline and confidence that will serve children well throughout their lives. As part of our vision of reinventing the community music school for the 21st Century, BMS is dedicated to: Making high quality musical instruction approachable and affordable to a wide range of students Creating frequent opportunities for performance for o
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  • Sarah Koenig-Plonskier, Juilliard Trained Violin Teacher

    Sarah Koenig-Plonskier, Juilliard Trained Violin Teacher

    Brooklyn, NY · Sarah Koenig-Plonskier

    As an active soloist and orchestral musician, Sarah Koenig-Plonskier has appeared with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and such esteemed ensembles as Axiom and Arcos Orchestra. Ms. Koenig-Plonskier began her solo career in 2005 with the Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra, and has since enjoyed performances with the Boston Pops Orchestra, the Brockton Symphony and Quincy Symphony Orchestra, and frequent appearances with the Lowell and Waltham Philharmonic Orchestras. As an orchestral musician, Ms. Koenig-Plonskier is Concertmaster of the Juilliard Orchestra, as well as a member of Axiom Ensembl
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  • Emma Sky Violin Lessons

    Emma Sky Violin Lessons

    New York, NY · Emma Sky

    I teach all different styles; classical, bluegrass, improvisation/jazz, rock, folk, hip-hop, you name it. I can help students learn whatever type of music they are interested in, using strong foundations and helping students get comfortable on the instrument. Because of these alternative styles, I also teach electric violin/viola. The most important part of teaching for me, is helping students learn to express themselves creatively through music. 
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  • Violin Lessons With Shannon

    Violin Lessons With Shannon

    Queens, NY · Shannon Feliciano

    Music has been a passion of mine since I started music lessons at the age of 6. I founded and directed the Suffolk Chamber Orchestra in high school which performed in weddings, graduations, and outreach community venues such as nursing homes which is just one example of how playing an instrument is a great way to get involved in your community! Music has really broadened my horizons and given me the opportunity to travel. In 2006 I toured as the soloist performer in the LIYO Asia orchestra tour where we performed in cities all over China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malay
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  • Rozanna Weinberger Violin Lessons

    Rozanna Weinberger Violin Lessons

    New York, NY · Rozanna Weinberger

    Learning to Balance the Violin One of the first steps in playing the violin is holding the instrument. We are actually ‘balancing’ the violin, which means finding a stable placement of the violin between the head, collarbone and shoulder so there is an even distribution of weight. There is a simple scientific principal to keep in mind, namely gravity. Because of gravity, the violin will fall to the ground unless we find the best place for the violin. Resting Head on Violin The head can simply rest on the violin. It is not necessary to grip the violin with head and shoulders once balance is
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  • Stellar Music Space

    Stellar Music Space

    Brooklyn, NY · Samantha Bassler

    At Stellar Music Space (SMS), founder and principal teacher Samantha Bassler (and her assistants) provide(s) nurturing and creative music lessons that are geared to the students' individual goals and needs. SMS provides private and small group instruction in piano, voice, guitar, and violin, classes in general music theory, music history, and aural skills, as well as summer music camps. Students from the program have gone on to pursue further study in music as performers and scholars at LaGuardia School of the Performing Arts, Columbia University, the University of Oxford, Dartmouth College, P
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  • Studio IV

    Studio IV

    Brooklyn, NY · Erin Ellis

    Erin fell in love with the violin at age seven under the instruction of Natalie Colbert at E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta, GA. She studied violin through high school and college, and received a BA in Communications with a Minor in Music from Georgia State University. After a lifelong study of the violin, Erin began to play the viola as a happy accident. As an undergraduate student in college, Erin’s chamber music group needed a violist to play the Schubert Trout Quintet. Never one to turn down a challenge, Erin jumped right in and never looked back. She has played viola in addition t
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  • David Bousso Violin Lessons

    David Bousso Violin Lessons

    New York, NY · David Bousso

    Teaching is very important to me as a musician because it allows me to impart my knowledge and experience onto my students. I believe everyone has the ability to learn how to play the violin whether beginning as a child, teenager or adult. The most important element is that the student has the determination to learn puts the practice and work into it everyday so that he or she may continue to develop and grow on the Violin. I teach each of my students based on what is best for their needs. Every person is different and develops at different rates. I teach privately and have taught in schools
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New York Violin Lessons

(7 reviews)

Rozanna Weinberger Violin Lessons

Rozanna Weinberger · New York, NY


I come from a musical family and it wasn’t unusual for us to put on family concerts, whether for our neighbors in our garage or formal stage. From early on as a child I passionately loved music but was also inspired by young students my age, who were devoting much of their young lives to playing and mastering an instrument. While this meant working hard, I was always motivated by hearing incredible concerts of music I had a passion to play.

I was inspired to start teaching because I had great teachers. Many of these teachers were inspiring because of how great they played, some because of their inspiration, passion and incite about the music and others because they had a refined understanding of technique and how to play with ease, comfort and confidence.

In addition I developed a great passion for how to play with naturalness and ease because when I was 15 I broke my neck! While I was fortunate to have recovered from this incident without any residual effect on my movements, but continued to have technical challenges due to the fusion in my neck as well as muscle trauma around the effected area. This challenge would also prove

My mother. From my youngest age, I recall listening to my mom sing songs as she did housework throughout the day. She would make up melodies effortlessly and from this I learned there was a naturalness to music that makes it universally appealing for everyone.

I was also super inspired to take lessons and be surrounded by young colleagues at music camps that practiced hard and loved music.


I love that my work is diversified because I try to lead a creative life. I love teaching and helping students discover easier ways to play and more confidence in their abilities. Its especially fun when students discover areas that are too tense, particularly in shoulders and upper arms. When players realize bowing doesn’t have to feel so hard or strenuous, that too is a great thing. I also love creating violins that are part of my educational philosophy to encourage creativity in children on multiple levels. I love helping students discover new possibilities by cultivating their creativity.


I’ve worked with students young & old, professional and amateur. I believe music and the pursuit of refining a skill and artistic nature are good for the soul, whether one pursues a career or not. Often non professional students want to enjoy an outlet and also don’t want to be judged for their playing level. As such I try to create an atmosphere of mutual respect where player can focus on their love of learning.

With younger students, or those aspiring for a career in music I think a couple areas of focus are important. The 1st is to help student organize their technical movements so they feel free yet effective in playing technique and expressing themselves musically. The 2nd thing I consider important is helping students have a creative approach to their learning process.


As touched upon in previous question, helping students play with technical ease, using their body to play with ease and joy, is rewarding as a teacher. And its something I love to work on because I worked through these issues ‘the hard way’, having broken my neck at 15 and having to unravel the difficulties that no professional viola teacher could fully grasp. While this was a challenging road, I learned from studying the most fundamental components of technique, how to learn from the kinesthetic signals of the muscles to hone and refine my technical approach. What I’ve learned is something I’m passionate about sharing, in part because when students develop kinesthetic awareness in their approach they can ultimately become their own best teacher.

There is something phenomenally empowering about discovering theres no technical problem one can ultimately unravel for oneself. In this regard my teaching is unique compared to most other approaches. I’ve also written significantly on this topic as I believe many players and teachers need a better understanding of the mechanics of technique, starting with the skeleton and how that impacts efficient use of muscles.

The 2nd part of my passion for teaching comes from a desire to cultivate entrepreneurial abilities for students. If students can learn to rely on their creativity there is a better chance they can navigate changing professional waters in this day and age. That means using ones creative skills to discover new musical possibilities for oneself and the world.


Follow your heart. As Marc Anthony once said, ‘If you love what you do and cultivate your genuine desire and love of music, the discipline to work hard will generally follow. As Marc Anthony once said, ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!’