Piano And Celtic Harp Lessons With Chase

Piano And Celtic Harp Lessons With Chase

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I have a passion in sharing the beauty of the piano and Celtic harp with students eager to dive in. The piano and harp are both extremely versatile and capable instruments, allowing a wide breadth of musical expression.

I have a background in classical piano (B.A. Music from the University of California, 2007) and have been a songwriter/composer for 20 years. I began the harp 5 years ago and have become completely devoted to mastering this instrument. With a gentle, open and warm attitude, I seek to help cultivate well-rounded musicians, imparting a solid foundation in music theory, sight reading, arrangement, improvisation and composition. If students are so desiring, I can also offer coaching in lyric writing and songwriting.

I am now accepting beginning students of all ages. No musical experience necessary.

Please visit my website for more information: chasegarber.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

For me, music has been full of limitless rewards, and I get a deep satisfaction knowing that I can support someone along their own musical journey. I enjoy the challenge of gently guiding someone to a goal that they can't yet fully grasp, yet I can see clearly. For many students, a lot of emotions and self-criticism can arise and I appreciate being able to offer a warm and safe place for them to express it and work through it.


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Fayer H.

Chase is very encouraging. As a beginner, we celebrate small victories every lesson. He also teaches to a variety of my interests. He is teaching me to read music as well as improvisation and putting chords to songs I have already written. We laugh a lot when my brain (or fingers) cramp, and I am improving every week. Great teacher.
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April 04, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Together, we identify the student's musical goals and discuss what to expect along the way.  I begin by establishing the foundational elements, systematically connecting them to the weekly exercises and the student's goals to foster a continued experience of challenge and accomplishment.  

I have been playing music since childhood and have invested time in a wide variety of musical endeavors from piano to harp to Zimbabwean mbira and Japanese shakuhachi.  I have a Bachelors in Music from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a focus in piano and have been playing the harp seriously for 5 years.

These prices reflect what I charge for lessons taught in my home studio.  An additional $5-$10 will be charged if I need to travel to another location.

$40/45 mins, $50/60 mins

My harp teacher saw my quick progress on the instrument and my calm demeneanor naturally suited to teaching.  With her encouragement I began receiving training from her in harp pedagogy and seeking students.

I have worked with a mix of absolute beginners and people who have a casual background in music.  A few of my students have a disability such as blindness or injured hands and I am more than willing to adapt playing and learning techniques to accomadate individuals of all abilities.

I would recommend working with a teacher that you feel comfortable to be around.  Anxiety and self criticism can be a big issue for many students and it really helps to have a foundation of ease and trust with the person that is guiding.

What are your musical goals?  What excites you about music?  What do you wish to be able to do with music?  Where do you imagine yourself being musically in 5-10 years? What is your level of commitment (time/energy/money) to your musical life?

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