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My teaching approach:I have been studying guitar for over ten years and hold a college degree in music with foci in jazz guitar and electronic music. I approach teaching on a per-student basis as not every student comes with the same needs. I try to tailor my curriculum to focus on particular music interests of my students, but I also have several universal goals in technical ability, and knowledge of theory that I wish my students to reach. Students will need a metronome, notebook, a binder of material that I created and will provide, and an instrument. Email me for my description of studio policies for more info My influences are:My primary influences are Eric Johnson, David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd), the Edge of U2, and the electronic music approach of Angel's and Airwaves. My christian music influences include Daniel Carson with Chris Tomlin, and Lincoln Brewster. My jazz guitar influences are George Benson, Pat Metheney, and Wes Montgomery. Musical influences for me outside of guitar include Ludvig Van Beethoven, Arvo Pärt, "Duke" Ellington, and Miles Davis. I love and listen to many kinds of music.My guitar lessons take place in:The teacher's studio Guitar lessons typically take place on these days and hours: I can schedule to begin lessons any time between 9am and 7pm. I do not teach on Sundays, but can otherwise teach any day of the week.Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerstyle, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing, Recording and Production, Guidance In Equipment SelectionYour first guitar lesson with me might include the following: An introductory lesson will either be a means of assessing a student's ability (if I haven't done so sufficiently in preliminary communication) or beginning with material. I like to dive right in as learning an instrument is hard work and takes time. I like to always give a student a balance of fun work (like a piece of music) and exercises to maintain a balance of interest and progress for the student. It is important to me to have some learning goals in mind that I can focus on when planning lesson material, such as a style or artist to learn or emulate.A guitar lesson with me might entail the following: A guitar lesson will typically entail a recap of material from the previous lesson and, ideally, progression on to new material. Material will typically include one or two scale exercises, chord exercises, technical exercises, and one or two pieces of music to allow for practical application. A lesson will, when applicable also include instruction in music theory with a practical application and/or reading exercises. Sometimes an issue arises that needs immediate attention, in which case I either create or use an old exercise to help the student progress. We may listen to and discuss music.The qualities I look for in an ideal guitar student might include the following: My ideal student is one who loves guitar enough to play for fun, but also to work hard to progress. Guitar is a great deal of fun to play, but is very difficult to do well consistently. A good student loves music, and is willing to accept both flexible and more rigid ideas in stride (as both have their respective places). A good student has a good ear, endurance, a strong work ethic, an eye for geometric similarities, and problem solving skills. Math skills are also helpful to understanding music theory concepts, though they are more of a bonus than requirement.

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