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Offers online services
Offers online services


I, Shanthi Yogini, am 2-Minute Yoga-Master teaching Yoga not as fitness exercises, but as a lifestyle through an 8-Step Mind-Mastery blueprint. My simple 2-Minute practices bring instant transformation in physical and mental state. My core message “Don’t DO Yoga, but LIVE Yoga” ensures lasting happiness.

When you learn to master your mind, you can TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE.

I, a former software engineer, come from a lineage of Yoga-Masters. I teach Yoga (rightly called YogaH) in its authentic, pristine and purest form, in-person, online and digitally. My Yoga-teacher-trainees get trained as world-class leaders, NOT as mere Yoga-instructors.

NOTE: The ending “H” in YogaH is pronounced like “hu” of the word “hut”.

I am a “Culture Educator, Dancer, Storyteller, Healer, and a Highly Sought-after TV, Podcast and Radio Guest.”

I am #1 international best-selling author of “Happiness: The Key to Success - Twelve MEDITATION Steps to Uncover Your Joy, Healing and Success”.

I have another book that I co-authored with others, which also became #1 international best-seller.

I have lived a Yoga-way of life from my young age as I was born and raised in a Yogic family in India (rightly called Bhaaratam). YogaH is NOT just what I teach. It is my way of living, being and enjoying.

I have 2 certifications in YogaH, one from the US and one from Bhaaratam (India), the birthplace of YogaH. I have a certification in Dance therapy. I have been coaching and training full time for the last 15 years.

---My service stands out in what you learn, how you learn and how long you must dedicate in order to learn.

---I don’t have group classes running in my studio. If you have your own group, you can come. But I usually work PRIVATELY anywhere from 2 hours to 3 months.


**What do you learn with me?

YogaH is more than Yoga-poses. So, you learn to use YogaH as a tree with several branches. Yoga-poses is just one branch. All the branches benefit your body, mind, intellect, relationships and your inner core.

**How do you learn?

You learn simple tools from YogaH which can be done in 2 minutes. You learn the fundamentals thoroughly so that you can practice independently and confidently. You learn customized syllabus-based YogaH that addresses your entire life, not just your body.

So those who seek life coaching find my services benefitting them.

**How long do you learn?

My goal is to make you independent and confident in whatever you learn – poses, exercises, breathing, eating, meditation, values, or affirmations – in as little time as possible. You don’t work with me any longer than what is necessary for you to get the required training and mentorship to heal and succeed.

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There are many things I enjoy about my work:

1. My students feel empowered to integrate the ancient science of Yoga in their life even if they learned for only for 2, 4 or 8 hours.

2. My students are able to address their whole life concerns and goals physically, mentally, socially or spiritually, NOT just back ache or leg pain.

3. My students can benefit a lot even if they find only 2 minutes at a time to invest in themselves for their practice.


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Offers online services

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Julia F.

At Least 7 Health Issues Began to Fade Away in Just 2 Weeks (Julia Fryer, School Teacher, VA, USA)
A two hour mini VIP session with Shanthi allowed me to get a lot of guidance, direction in my life, and a major breakthrough in one afternoon. We really started sinking into some of the things that were holding me back, things so basic that they affect your whole day, your whole year - finances and food.
While my friends around me were doing what I was doing, drinking coffee to get through the morning, living paycheck to paycheck, I did not feel like my health or finances were flourishing. I needed a new perspective and someone to be on my team. With Shanthis ideas and support, we figured out what were the ones that were really hurting me, like eating out and drinking coffee (both of which hurt me and my finances).
Something within told me that I needed to seek help and make these changes and Shanthi encouraged me to implement easy changes in simple steps which brought me back to good health.
To my surprise, at least 7 health issues started to fade away in just 2 weeks. This was an excellent place to start on my journey and I hope to go far with Shanthi as a guide and a friend.
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July 23, 2019


Julia F.

I chose the YogaLaasyam program as my personal introduction to Yoga and I have found it meaningful, giving me a sense of direction. The program feels good and gives me opportunities to learn Yoga with a sense of understanding. My favorite surprise is how much of fun it is. It is good for my growth and has become a part of my day.
I chose this dance style of Yoga because I was intrigued by the Mudras, as I had a bad break in my left wrist area last year. I was very interested in dance as well as symbology. Shanthi’s program starts in a way I can follow without hurting myself because she emphasizes on respecting your body. The program never makes me feel rushed to push myself through something I’m not ready for, but has a nice, smooth progression that matches the relaxing and meditational tone of the teachings. I can feel each Mudra stretch some muscles of my hand while working others. The shikara mudra feels especially good on my thumbs, which have some arthritis from my job.
I wanted to learn Yoga ONLY from someone who had the whole story (not just the poses, but the wisdom and science). Shanthi was my natural choice as she is dedicated to sharing the ancient wisdom of Yoga in its authentic form. Shanthi’s teaching style is so natural that I feel like a child who is learning through play. Thank you, Shanthi!
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March 29, 2019


Jansenius j.

“After my urgent visit to the ER, with a blood pressure reading of 214 over 90, Mrs. Shanthi Yogini immediately urged me to learn from her “Yoga Breathing Lessons”, on how to reinvent my breathing system. Three weeks into the practice, my blood pressure went down by 64 points. One of the most special gifts I received yet, at human level. Thank you so very much for saving my life Shanthi. I am grateful for you…” - Jansenius T. Lange Jr.
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March 20, 2019

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The typical process is that I redirect them to a page on m website where they can choose several options. Typically, ONLY those who want to develop a personal practice of Yoga-meditation and integrate YogaH (Yoga) into their life are drawn to me. 

For those who are looking for fitness only, I won't be the right teacher.

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