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  • D4 Karate

    D4 Karate

    D4 Karate provides high quality Martial Arts instruction in an innovative and challenging way to help individuals reach their personal goals for overall health and fitness Our Program combines the best of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Kickboxing instruction with modern techniques that emphasize fitness, self-defense, self-confidence, discipline and competitive aspects of martial arts. Each student is given personal attention and a structured program for achieving their goals while maximizing their potential for immediate and long-term success. With over 50 years of experience, intensive training an

  • K Tigers Taekwondo

    K Tigers Taekwondo

    The K Tigers Taekwondo "Korean Karate" provides world-class teaching and training the Korean martial arts emphasizing respect, health and fitness.Our philosophy is to ensure that each member will be taught in a safe and nurturing environment. We care about our students and their families and provide a supportive environment for promoting personal growth.Why K Tigers? Our proven success programs provide benefits can change every aspect of your lives.For Children:Positive Role ModelsPhysical Fitness A High Energy, Exciting EnvironmentRegular Incentives for Effort and Achievem

  • Karate America

    Karate America

     We have an afterschool program where we pick up at almost all the local schools. We have fitness programs and Selfdefense programs for adults and children. We focus on the needs of the student and Taylor make their training to fit them. 




  • Champion Tae Kwon Do Academy

    Champion Tae Kwon Do Academy

    Kids gain focus, confidence and respect in a fun positive setting that encourages team work and personal growth. Get fit and relieve your stress in an encouraging environment that gives you a full body workout.  Tired of the regular school program that lets your children run free in an unstructured environment? Learn new skills and get in shape in a fun and comfortable atmosphere with our exclusive women’s class.

  • Progressive Martial Arts Academy

    Progressive Martial Arts Academy

    No contracts and no long term commitments. It's our job to keep you and your kids happy during your training and education. We don't hard sell our products and equipment or pressure you to join elite programs. Everyone learns the same curriculum at their own pace.

  • American Colleges Of Karate

    American Colleges Of Karate

    American Colleges of Karate is dedicated to bringing the best of quality self-defense and martial arts training possible to California.  Located in the city of El Cajon and serving San Diego for over 15 years. We have only the best and most qualified instructors. We are available 24 hours a day to fit your every need. We are the only school in California sanctioned by the AAm Ka Jutsu Association and approved to teach AAm Ka Jutsu.

  • Grandmaster Moreland's Taekwon-Do & Hapkido

    Grandmaster Moreland's Taekwon-Do & Hapkido

    Welcome to Grandmaster Moreland's Martial Arts. We have been training and sharing the benefits of Martial Arts with community for over 50 years. Our state of the art training center provides the perfect backdrop for developing the skill and determination needed to succeed in Martial Arts. Our School is staffed by professional, experienced, instructors, who have dedicated their lives to sharing the power of Martial Arts with the community. All of our instructors are certified black belts, with no less than ten years of training experience. We offer many classes to accommodate your busy schedule

  • Master Haydar's Black Belt Academy

    Master Haydar's Black Belt Academy

    MASTER HAYDAR BAQIRKOREAN TRAINED Master Haydar received his AA - Physical Education, BS - Physical Science & Masters - Physical Education in Taekwondo Departments in renowned South Korean universities. He learned from Korean Grand Masters and spent 11 years of his life perfecting his Art in Taekwondo's home country. EXPERIENCE Master Haydar has 20+ years experience in World Taekwondo Federation Taekwondo, kickboxing, Muy Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  CERTIFICATION Master Haydar is a Kukkiwon-certified 6th Dan Black Belt and instructor. Cli

  • American Institute Of Taekwondo

    American Institute Of Taekwondo

    We are the premeir martial arts center for children in Grand Prairie and East Arlington, and have been since 1986! In our specialized kids martial arts classes, students build confidence, focus, fitness, self-esteem, and so much more! Our facebook page: Our website:

  • Southside Wing Chun

    Southside Wing Chun

    I teach Yip Man lineage wing chun.  My lineages comes from the two sons of Yip Man, Yip Chun and Yip Ching.  They both trained Samuel Kwok, who trained my Sigung Master Tony Massengil.  My Sifu if Master Massengil's most senior student.

  • Iron Dragon Martial Arts

    Iron Dragon Martial Arts

    We have some of the best instructors in Houston including 2015 World Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champion Ed Ramos, 3x State & National Taekwondo Champion Jason White,  & 15 year Muay Thai veteran John Cameron. We are unable to receive messages from this site so please check out our website or call us at 713-450-2555

  • Turners Martial Arts Studios

    Turners Martial Arts Studios

    We are a family owned and operated business that has been in this location for 15 years. We are a full time Martial Arts Studios operating 6 days a week with various class times that enable our students to fit classes into their otherwise busy schedules. Because we are a full time studio we can set up private lessons as well as extra activities such as birthday parties and self defense seminars for both large and small groups. We often donate our time for both boy scouts and girl scouts, cubs and brownie groups to teach them self awareness, bully or self defenses as age appropriate. 

  • The Dojo American Karate Center

    The Dojo American Karate Center

    Serving the Dunwoody, Chamblee, Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Doraville area since 1999. Our professional instructors have been internally cultivated with no less than a decade of individual years in our academy. The Master Instructor will be celebrating 40 years of martial arts in 2017. Additional amenities include a 4000+ training facility with three separate training floors, separate men's and women's changing rooms, summer camp programs, after school programs, seminars and fully accreditted world travel for students to destinations in Japan, China, Thailand and Mongolia.  



    Unlike many martial artists who have only studied one discipline, Grand Master Atoun and Grand Master Alsharif are fortunate to have been exposed to a variety of styles and can offer an unbiased comparison.  When people ask us why we teach various styles of Martial Arts, we answer, “Simply because, one style of martial arts does not work for all situations!’’. We offer a much more honest service by teaching skills that actually hold up under pressure, and we do it while sharing the physical fitness and positive character benefits for which martial arts training

  • Silva Taekwondo

    Silva Taekwondo

    With 4th degree black belt Registered at world Tkd federation, trained/teaching for more than 2 decades! Our goal is to make each student a champion in their lives, challenging them to improve in every single class! Our martial arts classes for children give your child direction and confidence as well as the desire to get fit and stay fit through life. Our instructors bring vast knowledge and experience from around the world to help design the right program for your specific needs. * Taekwondo Classes* Self Defense Training* Martial Arts Classes* Martial Arts for Kids* Competition / Tournament

  • Li'l Abner Archery Club

    Li'l Abner Archery Club

    The Li'l Abner Foundation Archery club is part of the community programs offered by the Foundation to the city of sweetwater, FL and surrounded areas. We offer 4 sessions weekly in the following schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 5-6pm : Beginners 6-7pm: Intermediate and archers who own their equipment. We ara a NFAA / FAA Chartered Club. Our youth team participates in the Florida Archery Association Archery Competitions the whole year.

  • Brent Ellison Taekwondo USA

    Brent Ellison Taekwondo USA

    Brent Ellison Taekwondo USA has been serving the community of HB since 1990. We offer classes for children, teens, and adults. We except students starting at the age of four and older. No exceptions. At Brent Ellison Taekwondo USA our classes are designed to teach self protection, life skills, and how to be a leader. The life skills taught by our instructors include discipline, perseverance, respect and goal setting just to name a few. 

  • Tx Black Belt Academy

    Tx Black Belt Academy

    TX Black Belt Academy is the leader in martial arts training in DFW. We are a family friendly enviorment that has structered classes to make it easy to learn. Our classes start at age 4years old and we offer teen and adult classes as well. 

  • Undaunted ATA Martial Arts

    Undaunted ATA Martial Arts

    We are nationally certified instructors in the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) -- the largest martial arts organization in the world.  To achieve this designation, each of us must teach a minimum of 300 class hours under a senior instructor, and must recertify every 3 years to remain current and capable. In addition, our instructors are also avid competitors, having won a combined 26 World Championships, 10 District Championships, and 47 State Championships. Suffice it to say, we can walk the walk as much as talk the talk!

  • Eagle Martial Arts

    Eagle Martial Arts

    We are the best martial arts provider in Plano! Our main focus is on skill, character education and fitness. Learn real martial arts for real life. Build focus, discipline and confidence!

  • America's Best Summer Camps & Karate Instruction

    America's Best Summer Camps & Karate Instruction

    In Chandler since 1993. Rated #1 in Arizona - #3 in the nation among thousands of schools. Flexible schedules. Quality Black Belt instruction. Month to Month agreements. Beautiful facility

  • Alonzo Martial Arts At Trifit Club And Studios

    Alonzo Martial Arts At Trifit Club And Studios

    We specialize not only in traditional martial arts training, but also in teaching the verbal & nonverbal skills to not fit the profile of an ideal target.

  • Texas Karate Do

    Texas Karate Do

    We are one of the largest schools in hte metro plex and we have multiple, highly experienced instructors who are caring and attentive to each and every students needs.  With nearly 150yrs combinred experience in the martial arts, we are very well suited to meet or exceed most everyone's training needs.

  • Quest Martial Arts Academy

    Quest Martial Arts Academy

    (2 reviews)

    Come visit us for a Trial class in KRAV MAGA, Children Adult Taekwondo, & afterschool care. See all details at  call or text 7864779409

  • Houston Karate Academy, Inc.

    Houston Karate Academy, Inc.

    I have been in the martial arts business for 51 years. My dojo (school), teaches self defence, Tae Kwon Do, Ninjitsu, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Silat, King Fu, Tai Chi, and Yoga. We also offer weapons training for Nunchuks, Bo's, Kamas, Swords, Jo's and many more. We teach regular classes and we do private lessons.  We have programs for kids from 4 to 7, and kids from 7 to 15, and an adult program. Please give us a call, and let's get you on your way to Black Belt!

  • Jewelianna Ramos Martial Arts Lessons

    Jewelianna Ramos Martial Arts Lessons

    I am a world champion proffessional sport martial artist, I have in the martial arts for 15 years competing for 8 years and teaching for 6 years. I am head instructor/manager of a very successful martial arts school in South Miami. I currently hold 4 world titles and 8 state and national titles. I travel the world to compete and teach seminars and am a member of Team USA. I have created my own curriculum and program for tiny dragons ages 2-4 but love to work with anyone from ages 2-75. This is my passion and I am very knowledgeable in multiple arts and self defense. I believe punch power is no

  • Ak Taekwondo Center

    Ak Taekwondo Center

    We teach Olympic-style Taekwondo, focusing on form and sparring;self-defense for men, women and children; and physical and mental exercise and training.Master Sohn is our head instructor and has over 15 years of experienceteaching in the U.S. Owner of America-korean Taekwondo center in city of West Covina CA. 100 student learn at AKTC studio now. He is a Korean National Taekwondo Championship gold medalist, a 6th degree black belt, a certified taekwondo master,and an ambassador of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.Master Sohn started Taekwondo when he was 5 years old and graduated from one of the best

  • Christian Taekwondo League

    Christian Taekwondo League

    Our goal is to create great Christian Leaders in our community through Martial Art. Please visit us. And our Facebook page.

  • Renzo's Legacy MMA School

    Renzo's Legacy MMA School

    Renzo's Legacy MMA School is a profit organization that serves Miami – Dade County and neighboring areas youth between the ages of 5 and up. Our Martial Art Program recognizes the need to redirect the way that our youth deal with bullying and other risk in real life. This successful program was developed more than 50 years ago approved and implemented by Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts Association (CNOMAA) in all certified schools around the world

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Tiffany improved her singing

"Michelle is very understanding and really works with you to find your voice! I noticed a difference in my voice in the first lesson alone. She provides constructive feedback and creates an environment that is supportive and lets you be yourself. Her positive attitude helped me to believe in myself. I greatly enjoyed lessons with Michelle! P.S. Her voice is amazing!"

Michelle Ishuu
(8 reviews)
Thomas learned to play tennis

"Warren is an absolutely amazing instructor. He is extremely generous with his time and very patient. You can really tell that he teaches because he loves the game and this passion is palpable in every lesson. I started working with Warren because I wanted to learn how to play socially with coworkers and after 12 lessons, he was able to give me a very good foundation on forehands, backhands, and serving. I definitely feel confident enough to play with my friends now and plan on taking more lessons so I can learn how to compete even better!"

Warren Fang
(5 reviews)
Jerry learned to play the guitar

"Jared is by far the best teacher I have had the opportunity to learn from. He very passionate, fun and very knowledgeable. I am in my sixties, and always wanted to learn to play. I am so thankful that I found Jared I look forward to my lessons. If you are searching for a good teacher, look no further, He is understanding compassionate and just a plan around good guy. Thanks Jared."

Jared Cannata
(5 reviews)

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