Wolters HoShinSool (Self Defense)

Wolters HoShinSool (Self Defense)



Wolters HoShinSool takes a different approach to self defense.


Most martial arts train students in specific techniques that they then have to train for years to perfection. The problem with this approach is that not all styles come naturally to every person, and it may take longer to feel confident/competent enough to use it. This is not wrong, just not practical for someone who wants to be able to defend themselves today not years later.

What Wolters HoShinSool does so different is we adapt a self defense style to the indevidual student instead of the student to the self defense style. This enable the instructor to work together with the student to create a style that comes naturally. It is also not only about finding a personalized style for comfort but also situational. Every student will find themselves in unique situations against different kinds of aponents.

The instructor is Joshua Wolters who is a 3rd degree black belt holder, has over 15 years of martial arts experience in multiple styles, and over 10 years of teaching/coaching experience.

Please call or text (210) 721-0766 for more information or to book an evaluation/trial!

I love seeing students increase their confidence. Confidence is everything when it comes to self defense. The best part is that I always see the training rub off on their personal life aso well. Sudenly they are doing better at work/school and personal development. It's not just about taking control of a bad situation, it's about taking control of your life!


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20 years in business
Serves Grapevine , TX

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Frequently asked questions

1) Introduction (must feel comfortable with me firsr)

2) Background  (understand what their background is in order to accommodate coaching style)

3) Understand Situation (what motivated them to learn self defense, any bad experiences)

4) Set Perimeters (what are they comfortable/uncomfortable with)

5) Set Goals/Expectations  (what they want to learn and accomplish)

6) Evaluation  (start drills and evaluate students strengths/weaknesses/motivation and natural reactioms)

7) Review (based on previous steps create a program for the student)

8) Adapt and Grow (throughout training modifications will be made based on students progression and goals)

1) 3rd Degree Black Belt (Kukkuwon HQ in South Korea)

2) 15 years of martial arts experience 

3) 10 years of martial arts coaching

4) Founder of Wolters HoShinSool System

1) Day 1 Evaluation 60 min: $30

2) 45 minute session: $45

3) 60 minute session: $50

4) 5 lessons (60 minutes each): $225

5) 10 lessons (60 minutes each): $400

Other options available, call or text for more information

I was a dedicated student who showed up when the gym opened and didn't leave till it closed. I started in an old school gym with hard core Korean masters that required blood sweat and tears.... all literally. (I personally do not practice the teaching style I learned from my masters as most of it would get anyone sued, lol)

I started volunteering as an assistant coach in high school. Became a full time instructor after high school. Became head instructor in my early 20's and shortly after became a gym partner. Opened my own gym at 23, then several years later sold it. Have continued to be a business consultant in the martial arts and Korean community ever since, and offer private lessons to select students on the side.

I work a regular 9-5 job as a senior marketing consultant during M-F, and teach private lessons to select few students on the side. My focus is in helping the everyday Joe/Jane self defense  (no belts). I also work with progressed black belts that are looking something a little more and a new challenge to get to a higher level as a martial artist.

I work with everyone and am an equal opportunity professional. What I am selective on is the indevidual must have integrity and an open mind. This is a part time gig for me, so I am selective on who I am going to coach, they must be coachable and have positive goals.

My experience and how I categorized classes in the past. Does not apply in one and one personal sessions, but if several people are going in together in a group personal lesson, I found that it is best to teach groups in theserror settings. Exemptions will apply in each indevidual situation.

Kids (2-13)

Teenagers (14-17)

Young Adults (18-24)

Young Professional Adults (25-40)

Mature Adults (40's+)

I have worked with crazy ADHD kids (applies to some adults as well)

I have worked with special needs both kids and adults

I have worked with Handicapped  (mental/phisical) both kids and adults, one of my favorite clients to work with!

Beginners and Advanced

Passive Personalities and Aggressive Personalities

1) Reviews are a good start, it tells you more on the integrity of the instructor

2) look up their credentials and the associationsecond they are related to

3) try a class! No better way to know until you try it. Don't get caught up on style, it is more about the instructor. 

4) everyone will do better in one style than another. It's about what is more comfortable to you. 

5) some people are just born good athletes, so don't judie yourself verses someone else. Martial arts is an indevidual sport/dicipline

6) there are 3 variations (Sport/Demonstration/Street) that every martial art has in its self. Every coach/instructor focuses/majors in one. They may understand all and have training in all, but will always focus on one.

What goals and expectations do they have for their students?

What is the philosophy of the school?

What credentials do they have?

What are they doing to develop themselves?

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