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I've been in marital arts for over 35 years. I won a world title in kickboxing. I fought amateur and pro in karate, tae kwon do, mma, pro boxing, muay Thai, and full contact kick boxing. Im also a blue belt in Bjj and a 5 th degree black belt in karate. I've been a mma,boxing, and kickboxing coach to some of the best fighters around for 13 years. I own phalanx mma academy and I own powerhouse training facility. I'm a the mma coach of ufc fighters James Vick and shana Dobson. I'm also the head coach of bellator fighter kevin Holland who is ranked in the top 10 in the nation in two weight classes. I also have a Personal training certificate from the pinnacle career institute. I love training and helping people. It's my passion and has been for over 15 years.


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13 years in business
Serves Fort Worth , TX

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Frequently asked questions

I start with basics with everything. First I have to know what they can or can't do and I will base the workouts accordingly. Make sure i know if they health issues or not.

Been in marital arts for over 35 years.  I Also went to pinnacle career institute for my personal trying certificate. Also train pro boxers,kick boxers,and mma fighters for a living.

75 hour or 10 sessions for 400

Family business both my mother  and father was fighters and martial artist and I just followed in the foot steps. I became a fighter than a trainer.

I've worked with all types of students from people that just want to get got to police officers, fighters and people that wanted to know self defense.

I'm fond of self-defense,personal training, and martial arts seminars.

Main thing is to make sure they know what they are doing and that their credentials are legit and in tact. Also make sure that it's   someone that you are comfortable and can vibe with.

Main thing thier goals,plans, injuries or health issues.

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