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Music And Life Coaching Lessons

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I am a music teacher as well as health, wellness, and mindfulness life coach. I truly believe music is a universal language that is within every one of us and can be developed in a very natural way. I work with all age groups and most all instruments. I also teach Audio Engineering and music production to those who are interested in taking their music to another level. I am very out of the box in my approach incorporating psychology and neuroscience in everything i do.

What i enjoy most is being to interact with my student/clients and hopefully inspire every one of them to become the very best versions of themselves. Some come to me wanting to learn to play an instrument, others want to lose weight and learn to live a healthy lifestyle, and others simply want to work on quieting the mind and release stress, anxiety, and or depression. It is my passion to help any and all who can benefit from my experience and unique approach.


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    Norton A.

    very nice guy. sensible instruction
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    December 25, 2021
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    Blake C.

    I came into Dannys lessons as an experienced player, and I think he does a great job of identifying areas of improvement and exposing me to new ways of thinking about music, not just guitar. Danny has a welcoming personality and I look forward to chatting and getting guidance every week. I would recommend Danny to anyone who is looking to improve their ear, their technique and groove.
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    April 16, 2021


    Alyssa J.

    Danny is an amazing and brilliant teacher :)
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    March 14, 2021


    Harshith M.

    Firstly, I would like to show my gratitude to my music teacher Danny! I have only been in his class for 2 months and achieved things I never thought I could. He helped me from the beginning of the process in looking for an instrument, I was always unsure whether I wanted to play a guitar or a piano! But through his guidance I came to a conclusion that I would enjoy a guitar more! One thing I really liked about Danny is he was open for me to learn any instrument, even though he guided me to find MY interest in GUITAR, he is a guy who is willing to work with any instrument whether it is a trumpet, piano, or guitar, etc. His open-mindedness is what I admire the most. Even in the classes he never tells me, YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS SONG AND ONLY THIS SONG(like many other guitar teachers do)he is always open to what we(students) want to play. Now, regarding his unique neuroscience method of teaching, believe me IT DOES WORK, Danny told me to always think Guitar as playing not PRACTICING because when you think something as practicing you are feeling burdened and forced to do it, however, when you think you are playing it creates enjoyment in your mind and you will WANT TO CONTINUE. This is just a sneak peek(make sure to contact him because he is just an awesome guy to hang around, the first time I talked to him, I was like he will be able to help me the most, I did consult with many guitar teachers, in my opinion he was the BEST) of his unique method. I can go as far as to say, this initial mindset of guitar as playing and not practicing is the thing that helped me be a guitarist that I am today! Quick personal story of this mindset in effect, once I played from 8 in the evening till 11:30 pm and this forced my mom to put me on a guitar curfew :D. Not to mention his energetic and enthusiastic personality will FIRE YOU UP TO JAM!! Finally, I am soo glad I was able to find Danny as my guitar guider, Danny says, music is there within us, and I am guiding to bring it out, he is only there to guide us through our journey of the beautiful art of music. PLEASE I suggest yall to try out Danny, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT AND YOU WILL BE READY TO JAM IN NO TIME!!!!
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    March 13, 2021
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    Lily K.

    Amazing fresh approach to teaching music that actually help my kids want to learn and be excited at the same time. Thank you Danny for your amazing patience and joy thru music that you bring to the table.
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    February 03, 2021


    Megan K.

    My 8yo son was signed up for “music class” against his will. During the first class he was asked why he wants to learn music -he said he didn’t.... fast forward 1 month and the kid counts down the days and hours to music class! It’s his favorite part of his week and he now wants to be a “professional YouTube musician”! (LOL) I attribute that 100% to his super cool and intuitive coach. Danny engages at my sons level and has a completely new approach to teaching that is clearly working! We love music class with Danny!
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    October 02, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I always begin first with getting to know my students more personally, background, interests, etc. etc. and simply develop raport. Then, I spend some time sharing my philosophy, methods, and approach.  Since every single student/client is different and unique, my methods may be different for each one.  I tailor every class in a way to be able to achieve the greatest results in students while also keeping the classes fun and interesting.

    I graduated from Wayland Baptist University with Bachelor of Science of Occupation Education in Music. (B.S.O.E. in Music), and minored in Theology.

    I also studied Audio Engineering and Music Production at COMIA / Chris Lieck Studios

    As for health, wellness, weightloss, and life coaching:  I was obese for most all of my life, weighing well over 300lbs, until my 40th Bday when i decided to completely change my life.  I successfully lost 150 pounds, and have maintained my healthy lifestyle for almost 6 years now without gaining any of my old weight back.  I use yoga, meditation, nutrition, and continously fed my brain new information and in time was able to reprogram my own subconcious mind in regards to how viewed and approached health.

    Due to the fact that I teach music as well as do life coaching,  I am unable to have a standard pricing system.  However, I do offer a free initial consultation for all my students/clients.

    I taught Middle School and High School band for a while after college.

    Right before COVID hit, I was teaching music full time at a Private Music Academy, and now have moved to teaching all my classes online from home.

    Because my approach to teaching music is so very different and unconventional,  I am wiling to work with students of all ages and background.  So far my youngest student was a little girl who had just turned 3yrs old a week before we started working together.  That was truly an adventure and so very fun.  I do also offer classes for parants and kids to learn music together.

    Listening to my 16 yr old guitar student perform Bohemian Rhapsody beginning to end beautifully, and even played to entire guitar solo!  She started taking lessons with me in January 2020, had never played an instrument before, and didn't even own her own guitar for the first 2 months of taking classes with me.  Her motivation for wanting to learn guitar,,, QUEEN! She is obsessed with that band and LOVES Freddie Mercury!  So listening to her play the entire song only 6 months into our lessons was truly priceless!

    Please make sure that the teacher you choose is someone that can make your learning experience fun and exciting.  I am truly saddened when i hear of a child who excitingly signs up for band class in middle school only to give it up and never play their instrument again because they had such a negative experience in the current musical education system.  

    I go as far as litterally making every one of my students promise me that they will never PRACTICE their instrument!! However, i do have them promise me that they will make time to PLAY their instrument everyday.  Practice can tend to become a chore, a task, and a burden.  All of which produces Cortisol (stress hormones), which will inevitably lead to the student losing interest over time.  However, Playing the instrument daily leads to enjoying the process (releasing Seritonin) and eventually turns into a deep love and passion for music and exponential improvments on their instrument of choice.

    Why do you want to take lessons?  Why do you want to learn music?   What kind of music do you see yourself playing in the future, which genres, etc etc.?   The grand majority of music teachers are classically trained, and seldom have much experience with music beyond the notes written on a peice of paper in front of them, or in playing any other genre that is not classical in nature.  I teach my students to plaly the music they already love! Classical, jazz, rock, hip hop, R&B, blues, latin, etc. etc. etc.   I don't force my students to play music of my preference or style, but rather encourage and equip them to be able to bring forth the music that is already deep down inside them.  My ultimate goal is for my students to be writting their own songs and compositions.  For me, that is the true nature and beauty of Music!

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