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Thank you for visiting Land of People where people are important. Land of People Inc. was established on September 19, 2014 with a mission to enhance people's lifestyles and health through teaching Taekwondo patterns. In order for people to live healthier lives, I think that appropriate exercise must be combined with humanistic connections. Thus, I believe the Korean traditional martial art, Taekwondo, will provide ample opportunities for people to improve both physically and mentally. The five tenets of Taekwondo are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. It is the Land of People's creed that any land where people practice Taekwondo patterns is a place of healthy living and that Taekwondo patterns should be practiced by everyone in unconventional ways. Land of People is an organization that spreads and teaches Taekwondo patterns for people to live healthy lives. Since Taekwondo patterns contain both strength and softness, men and women of all ages can increase Taekwondo movements' strength, accuracy, and concentration and improve health by practicing Taekwondo patterns. Moreover, since all of the Taekwondo movements are hidden in the Taekwondo patterns, it is believed that people can understand the principles of self-defense naturally and become able to defend themselves automatically as they practice Taekwondo patterns. Land of People is dedicated to make people's mind and body healthy on the basis of Taekwondo spirit. Land of People derives its identity from an action philosophy and aims to make people to reach self-actualization. Lastly, I am very happy that we can go through this transformational journey together.

Sang Jun Im 
Founder of Land of People Inc.

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Land of People Privacy Policy and Terms

Welcome to Land of People Inc. (Land of People or LoP). You must thoroughly read through this section and understand the contents before creating a membership account. Creating an account with false information is a violation of our terms. You must pay respect to fellow members. Your belt color, name, membership number, date of admission, training frequency, and leadership point will be shown on the MEMBERS section of our website. Your leadership point is equivalent to the number of new members that you recruit for LoP. Since LoP is an organization that evangelizes Taekwondo patterns for the purpose of promoting healthy living, your leadership point will be evaluated in the selection process for future LoP instructors of Taekwondo patterns. There is no monthly membership fee for being a member at Land of People. However, lifetime membership is available to any individual who agrees to the Land of People Privacy Policy and Terms. The one-time lifetime membership fee of non-refundable $100 (US Currency) is required to become a LoP member. You will be learning 50 Taekwondo patterns. You must purchase your own Taekwondo uniforms and belts (white collar uniform for color belt and black collar uniform for black belt). Your Taekwondo uniform must have no writing on the back. If you have a difficulty finding a specific Taekwondo uniform in your favorite store, please contact us at [email protected] We can help you find a right supplier. You are not required to wear a Taekwondo uniform during the session. Please wear comfortable clothes for the Taekwondo pattern practice. You are not required to wear a Taekwondo uniform on your color belt testing day. However, you must wear a Taekwondo uniform on your black belt testing day for 2nd Dan and above. There is no fee for LoP belt promotion test. In the event that you fail the test, you must wait at least 15 days following the previous test date before rescheduling every subsequent test. Please be advised that Land of People or LoP belt promotion test is not affiliated with World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) or International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF). Since sessions may be held outside, if the weather condition is unfavorable, sessions may be cancelled. Land of People reserves the right to cancel sessions or change instructors at anytime without making any notification. However, LoP will give best effort to post your session date, time, location, and a cancellation or a change of schedule on the NOTICE section of our website at least 3 hours prior to every session. Thus, it is your responsibility to ascertain the session schedule prior to attending the session. You must fill in the name fields and click the submit button on the NOTICE section of our website at least 24 hours prior to attending the session. If you are unable to submit your name for the session, you must contact us via email or phone at least 24 hours prior to attending the session. In the event that you fail to make notification about your willingness to attend, the session may not be available for you to participate. Land of People reserves the right to remove, without question or investigation, any member who violates our terms. Your membership can be cancelled at anytime upon your request. Your membership information will be removed from our website upon your cancellation request via our email address, [email protected] Once you submit this form online, you automatically become a LoP long distance member (LDM). Once you sign this form in person at the training site, your membership account number will be posted on the MEMBERS section of our website. For your convenience, you may read this privacy policy and terms or other webpages of our website in other languages using Google translate. However, accuracy of Google translate cannot be verified. Land of People only validates privacy policy and terms and the contents of our website published in English. Land of People is not responsible for any of your misinterpretation caused by Google Translate. You must fill this form in English.

LDM: Long Distance Member
Individuals, who cannot physically attend the LoP session due to the long distance between your home and our training site, can join us by creating your account as a long distance member. LDM can practice Taekwondo patterns on their own by utilizing any available Taekwondo pattern video on the Internet. You are not required to wear a Taekwondo uniform during the video recording of the relevant Taekwondo pattern. In order for LDM to promote to a higher ranking belt, LDM must send two video clips that contain both front and rear views of the relevant Taekwondo pattern to [email protected]. LDM must demonstrate the relevant Taekwondo pattern listed on the INFORMATION section of our website. LDM's Taekwondo pattern will be reviewed, and a higher ranking belt will be granted upon passing the online evaluation. Your Taekwondo pattern video clips will be posted within 5 business days on our SOCIAL MEDIA sites. LDM cannot be promoted to a black belt member unless LDM passes the black belt promotion test in person at a designated testing site. Please note that LDM is not considered as a full member and that LDM will be posted separately on the LDM section of our website. LDM can become a full member upon making the payment of the one-time lifetime membership fee. All other privacy policy and terms of Land of People remain the same for LDM.

DISCLAIMER: Since all activities of members at Land of People are completely on a voluntary basis, meaning you have a choice if you want to participate in or withdraw from any activity of Land of People, Land of People is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury, death, or loss of property to any person suffered while warming up, practicing, traveling, playing, or participating in Taekwondo Practicing Activities for any reason whatsoever, including ordinary negligence.

The present Privacy Policy and Terms can be changed or amended. This will not affect the rights and obligations created under these Privacy Policy and Terms. Thank you for joining us.

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6th Degree Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo
​6th Degree Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo
2nd Degree Black Belt in Hapkido
Bachelor's Degree from George Mason University at School of Health, Fitness, and Recreation Resources
Master's Degree from Johns Hopkins University at School of Education
Virginia State Corporation Commission

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