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My teaching approach: I take a very personal approach with each individual student. First and foremost, I talk to them about their goals and what they want from playing guitar, or musically in general. Then, I develop a lesson plan based on what their goals and desires are. With each lesson, I give the student the opportunity to choose if they'd like to review a past lesson or lessons, or if they'd prefer to move on to new material. I've found this approach really helps students absorb material easier and tend to feel less overwhelmed. This approach also gives students direct control over their own progression.My influences are: Mostly what I am drawn to and what tends to come out in my writing is heavier, epic metal music. My songs usually tend to have a darker feel, progressive elements like odd time signatures and rapid key changes, and include interesting soundscapes from the use of midi instruments. Some of my influences include: Kamelot, Nevermore, Circus Maximus, Darkwater, Symphony X, Opeth and Pantommind.My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studioGuitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Teaching any students privately that travel to NE Vancouver, WA. I also offer Skype video lessons.Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing, Recording and Production, Guidance In Equipment SelectionYour first guitar lesson with me might include the following: Well, I talk to them. Most of the time, student's tend to know where they are as a guitarist. If they need help identifying their skill range, I explain that I'm then going to start with something very easy, and then work our way up until we reach a reasonably challenging level for the student. If the student still isn't sure where they stand, I check finger and hand positions, then I just have them play some solid notes with good articulation.A guitar lesson with me might entail the following: First, I see how've been progressing and if any materials or concepts have been giving them trouble. I then give them the choice to review some we've covered already or to move on to new material. Based on their decision, we could do one or the other or a combination of both. If they don't like the new material, I ask what they'd like to know more about. The structure of the lessons is very open-ended.The qualities I look for in an ideal guitar student might include the following: I'm a pretty patient accepting guy, so it doesn't bother me when someone doesn't practice when they should have. That's not to say I don't care, because practice is the only way you'll ever get better, truly. But, I'm not going to sit there and waste someone's time lecturing them about not practicing. It's their time after all. Ultimately, I just like students that are respectful and listen well while we're in session.

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