Academy Of Music And Fine Arts

Academy Of Music And Fine Arts

Tatevik Hovhannesyan

North Hollywood, CA


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The Academy of Music and Fine Arts has been providing art and music lessons for children and adults of all ages since 1999. Based on a solid foundation of intellectually informed, hands-on instruction, we have a long history of producing students of the highest caliber. Many of our students go on to win state and national competitions and gain acceptance into music programs at top-tier universities, and some have had the privilege to perform at world-class arenas such as Carnegie hall by special invitation. We pride ourselves on our faculty of distinguished musicians and artists with a diverse cross-section of accomplishments, creating an environment that nurtures skill and talent.

Along with our core curriculum of classes in art, piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, trombone, vocal performance, choir and music theory, we also offer scholastic tutoring for students of all grade and skill levels, standardized test preparation classes (ACT/SAT), language classes, and chess.


Arts And Crafts, Chess, Classical Piano, Guitar, Painting, Piano, Violin, Voice, Jazz Voice, Opera Voice, Singing, Vocal Training


North Hollywood, CA 91606

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  • Stella J

    Wonderful school. Took my child there for years and in many subjects not just Piano. Highly recommend.

  • Leo A

    Wonderful school. Great instructors. Very strong Music, Chess and Art departments.

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