Demetri 4 Music Lessons

Demetri 4 Music Lessons

Offers online services
Offers online services


Introducing: The Demi-Circle of Music

"The excitement and passion I see for the art of music are so beautiful it brings me joy." Demetri (owner)

Our mission is to bring joy to every home with the fine art of music.

Our purpose is to show how our unique and amazing visual model makes the musical language's amazing mysteries come to life.

The Demi-Circle of Music is the most exciting, innovative, revolutionary answer ever. It challenges you to take a different approach to understanding music. The Circle's detailed yet simplistic design makes everything clear and easy to understand. In addition, the amazingly beautiful visual illustration of every single note working together makes the Demi-Circle unique.

Music theory is incredibly abstract and complex. But, the Demi-Circle brings the intricate and conceptual into a clear visual model that is easy to see, feel, and manipulate. I have personally experienced this non-linear visual technique giving students a complete understanding of the structure and workings of music --making them happier and more confident.

Students are showing confidence and performing a clear understanding of: • placement of notes on their instruments

• unique interval qualities

• scale structure

• chord structure

• chord progressions

• understanding of the Circle of fifths • development of an excellent ear


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    The first thing I need to know is about you. Are you a complete beginner? I will take some time to understand your abilities and your ambitions. The key to enjoying music is to find what you want and find a path to pursue that goal. If you feel you are heading the direction you set out to go, you will get more out of the time you spend with your instrument.

    What makes me a great teacher is that I am quite skilled at all of this.

    I started studying music at a very young age, around 5. Starting on guitar and then in the 7th grade bass guitar. I pursued music through high school receiving great deal training and performing experience. Continuing in college my major was in composition and performance. 

    After finding success for several years of success in the Orange County rock music scene in the 80's, I returned to continue my education on the piano.

    I started teaching full time in the mid 90's and here I am today. Skilled in theory, ear training, reading and performing, I am ready to share those years of experience and dedication with you. 

    My goal is to give you the lessons you pay for and to get paid for the lessons I give. I like to get paid in advance on a monthly basis. I give an average of four lessons per month and that is what my billing reflects.

    Teaching was a choice. I asked my self what would I love to do the rest of my life and there was no question.  Today 20 years later I love teaching music more than I did when I started. It was a great choice. Helping so many people over the years has kept me young and happy.

    The students I have worked with over the years are as varied as the days. That is what I love about my job, every day is different.

    I have had success with children as young as 5 and seniors as old as 75.

    Complete beginners who tell me they are tone deaf and have no rhythm to students that have continued to become extremely popular artist.

    I am recently married. It is wonderful to have someone special next to you. A person to care for and be cared for.

    First look for a teacher that loves what he or she does. (I do.) There are many great players out there that are unsatisfied teaching and it shows in the attitude. Find an experienced teacher that has the patience you need and the strength to keep you moving the direction you want to go. Find someone who will make learning fun.

    Why do you want to play music.

    What do you see yourself doing with your music.

    What type of  music do you want to play.

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    Music Theory