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Hi Everyone, Tiger here. My gym,Tiger Boxing Gym , is an old school boxing gym in the heart of the Melrose shopping district. I have been a boxer since age 13, won a Gold Medal/Best Boxer at the 83' Commonwealth Games , represented Nigerian in the 84' Olympics here in LA and then had a nice Pro career. I have been teaching boxing for the past 25 years and finally opened my own gym 10 years ago. I love teaching what I love to all ages and all levels. I have beginners walk into my gym, as well as experienced amateurs and professionals. All of my lessons are 1 on 1 because that is the only way to really learn the proper techiques of boxing and get a truly intense workout. Each workout is geared to the level of the individual student, where they are physically and what goals they want to acheive. Here is a mini doc about me and my gym: https://vimeo.com/57346685


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Elizabeth W.

Love this gym: small and friendly. Walked in not knowing ANYTHING about boxing, not really liking gyms and left a convert. Tiger is an incredibly nice person and a great teacher. He knows just how much to push. It is the best workout I have every experienced!
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April 21, 2017

Frequently asked questions

When a new student comes in to the gym we talk about what kind of activities they are presently involved in and what their goals are. We do some stretching and jump-rope or other warm ups and then the lesson begins. Good technique is at the heart of all lessons and each student is pushed to increase their stamina over time. There is constant communication between coach and student.

As I shared in my bio above, I have been boxing since age 13. I was National Champion, West African Champion, Commonewealth Games Gold Medalist and an Olympian in 84'. I then had a very active and successful professional career.

Individual lessons are $60 , with packages of lessons at reduced prices.  HIGH INTENSITY lessons are $100/session.

Every boxer works with other boxers, sharing and learning. So teaching was very natural for me.

I have worked with youngsters as young as 4 and my oldest student has been a 92 year old man!  I work with all shapes ad sizes because each workout can be tailored to the needs and capabilities of the student.

I have several boxers who are enjoying participating in the amateur boxing scene. It takes a lot of courage to get in the ring for one's 1st amateur bout, and I love being there to guide and encourage.

Looking at yelp pages to see what students write about teachers is helpful. Also going to a gym to meet the coach and feel the vibe of the gym is helpful. I am sure once you meet me you will feel comfortable and want to try a lesson with me!

I would just think about what goals I want to achieve and what shape I am in and discuss that with my new teacher.  A trial 1st lesson is always helpful to see if you like boxing, like the coach and want to continue.

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