Guitar And Piano Lessons For All Ages And Levels

Guitar And Piano Lessons For All Ages And Levels


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The general curriculum for the lessons is as follows, although it may be modified depending upon the particular interests of each student:+++BEGINNERS+++- READING MUSIC:This skill is correctly acquired through the separate study of melodic and rhythmical components of written music. The methods employed have been proven to yield the fastest results in gaining musical literacy. ( Reading music is taught on the guitar as well, as opposed to tablature and visual patterns)- EAR TRAINING:Recognition of the distance between different pitches (also known as intervals), is an essential part of developing a "musical ear". As such, the student receives instructions on sight singing through solfege as well as learning to identify melodic and harmonic intervals by ear.- PLAYING THE INSTRUMENT:The correct technique for execution of different passages is emphasized. MOST STUDENTS BEGIN PLAYING MUSIC WITH BOTH HANDS FROM THE FIRST LESSON.- THEORETICAL TRAINING:The student learns the basics of musical composition, including but not limited to construction of chords and scales in different modes.+++INTERMEDIATE LEVELS+++- SIGHT READING:Principles of playing at sight are examined and practiced.- PERFORMANCE:More advanced pieces requiring the venture into different positions and keys are learned. Correct interpretation of pieces, including the execution of ornaments is emphasized.- EAR TRAINING:Melodic, harmonic and rhythmic dictations are essential at this stage of musical studies. The student will be asked to write down excerpts of music played by the instructor.- DIATONIC HARMONY:The principles of composition such as keys and key signatures, chord functions within each key, as well as other principles of four part harmony are learned. The student will be asked to compose original pieces at this stage.+++ADVANCED LEVELS+++- PERFORMANCE:Advanced pieces are studied and perfected for public performance.- CHROMATIC HARMONY:Secondary dominants and leading tones, modulation to closely related and distant keys and borrowed chords and mixed modes are discussed. The student composes advanced pieces at this stage.- ORCHESTRATION:The range and capabilities of different instruments are discussed, and the student learns to write music for transposing instruments as well as learning to arrange pieces.- COMPOSITION AND SONGWRITING:Different styles of composition are analyzed and the student learns composition of different genres of music. Music majors needing occasional help with the subjects above are also welcome!

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