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Offers online services


David Sampen is a multidimensional artist, composer and producer with 25 years experience in the business. Well known from the famous L.A. rock bands "Expiate", "Sound Library", "As Is", and "80-DO", he is currently collaborating with various Southern Califronia artists on several music projexts as well as maintaining his solo career.

David's parents both have doctorates in Music, so it is no suprise that David had detailed and extensive training as a musician. He first fell under the spell of Eddie Van Halen before he left elementary school. David's natural ability, strong work ethic, and thirst for knowledge served him well and he is now one of the worlds top Eddie Van Halen specialist. His desire to help other's learn and grow stems from his upbringing.

What makes David stand out as a teacher is his ability to understand his students motivation and goals and build a unique lesson plan to lead them to success.

Getting to know the students and watching their progress.


Serves Garden Grove , CA
Offers online services


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Lisaun W.

What I like most about learning guitar with David is that he never comes to the lesson expecting anything from the student. He is patient and allows the student to grow at their own pace. He treats you like an adult no matter your age and though he gives guidance and study materials he spends time changing it up to see what works best for each individual. A truly great teacher!
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February 14, 2018

Frequently asked questions

The first lesson is usually spent figuring out where the student is at currently and what their goals are.  Once this has been established a uninque lesson plan will be created for the student.  Periodically the goals and lessen plan may be changed to match the students progression.  

David studied under world renowned teachers including: Mark Bunce, Mary Natvig, Marilynn Shrude and John Sampen.   

Rates are $45 an hour.  

Growing up the child of two tenured professors of music created a solid foundation and well rounded knowledge.  It was a natural progression for him to begin helping others learn.

David works with all ages and types.  

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