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Currently endorsed by iRig, ErnieBall / MusicMan as KRONiS (see /artists pages)

and previously Mesa/boogie, Line6, Gibson

bottom line, i use technology to learn and create music, I can help you if you are willing to learn!

more info:I had lessons at age 10, then I quit and restarted after I found a better teacher who understood me better.

I played piano from age four and sang in choir at 7 onward. I am an Ernie Ball artist and currently recording an album at XLNTsound in hollywood.

I'm from Toronto Canada, been here about ten years. been on radio in canada and had a video on MuchMusic, paid for by VideoFACT and our album at the time was distributed by Sony Imports.

I enjoy watching a student get inspired about something i've shown them that I alwasy wanted to know how to do. I will spend my own time OUTSIDE the hour to make sure I have any materials ready. If you have Guitar Pro software, we can use that for Tablature, otherwise I will send PDF files that can be opened for free on any computer.

I take the time to hear what the student is looking to learn, deciding where they are at, and coming up with things to practice. I'm very easy going and happy to make sure we get somewhere before ending. I won't stop at 45 minutes if I'm not finished teaching what we need to get to.

I can play lost of metallica and van halen, was into Randy Rhoads (ozzy's guitarist) and play fingerstyle acoustic songs (like Metallica's unforgiven and nothing else matters). If there's a specific song that the student wishes to learn, I can help them learn it.

I've recorded a lot of music on both acoustic and electric in professional studios with well known musicians. (Matt Starr, Chris Moore and Randy Cooke are my last 3 drummers).

I often write on acoustic and switch to electric. I learned some interesting blues stuff from my father who was a classical violinist and also had some blues greats come by the house while I was younger, so I have some interesting ideas on that from Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry.

If you want to hear my music, visit

I have a lot of music that is private, if you want to hear more, just ask and I can send some MP3s of my guitar playing. (I recently made soundcloud private only showing previews of songs to avoid giving my music away)

I hope this answers any questions. If you’d like to call me before deciding, I will provide my telephone number.




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    Frequently asked questions

    Find out what they like and get them learning at their own level, but challenge them a little and keep it interesting.

    ask questions

    Snowboard instructor

    skipped grade 6

    play most instruments

    $75 per hour, but they always go 45 minutes lesson training time, with 15 minutes of prep / talk / tech / industry time.

    by performing in

    all kinds.

    burning man skateboarding camp

    just try different teachers out who 'get your direction' until you find one you like. mix it up a bit. loyaltly just means come back again to show progress. work with as many people as you can.

    who your favorite artists are

    what type of instrument you want to play (acoustic / electric + singing?)

    i'm also an excellent vocalist ( so I can explain vocal training methods if desired.

    some songs you'd like to learn

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