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Offers online services
Offers online services


The International School of Music prides itself as being an all inclusive and acclaimed classical music conservatory. Music plays a significant role in education at any age. Dedicated, hands-on instruction can have a profound impact on a student’s development. By extension, learning from an experienced musical instructor can be a significant stepping-stone towards a student’s understanding of their instrument as well as music as a whole.

According to the National Association for Music Education, the benefits derived from music education can be described in four broad categories – “success in society, success in school, success in developing intelligence, and success in life”.

ISM is poised on the edge of future growth. We look forward to having an increased presence in our community and throughout Southern California.

Aside from preserving the art of classical music throughout generations, I pesonally enjoy the value that our work adds to each individual that we teach, let alone the community as a whole.


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Offers online services

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Karine H.

Im not a big yelper but this guy deserves my 5 star review. My son got a call back to audition for LACHSA, it really is a big deal for him. We had tried voice lessons in the past but my experience was an ok one, since I had no way of telling if his voice had improved or not. However I decided to give The Voice Mechanic a try, simply because I wanted him to improve my sons volume. I liked what I saw on his website but the real surprise came on the first lesson. He improved my sons voice in the first hour! He was able to teach his technique in just one session and for that I feel very grateful. In only three sessions he has helped my sons voice flourish beautifully. One of my concerns was that my son would force his voice at times, after The Voice Mechanic he can sing loud and without loosing his breath as he used to. His audition is this weekend and hes very confident he will do great! The Voice Mechanic listens to your needs and gets right down to business!
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October 11, 2017

Frequently asked questions

ISM endeavors to provide students with the requisite skills and tools that will enable them to pursue their musical goals. While each student's experience is tailored to their own goals, teaching the fundamentals of music (i.e. music theory, ear training) is crucial, and is done through enjoyable, hands-on exercises while studying the student's instrument of choice. From there, the International School of Music provides a complete classical conservatory education, including preparation for full orchestral performances, coaching for performance anxiety, solo performance management and promotion for advanced students, and preparing students for performances in auditions and renowned competitions, university placement. At the end of each recital, students can earn certificates of completion and trophies.

The International School of Music prepares graduates for professional careers in the classical music industry. ISM provides resources and structural facilities that will aid and inspire a student’s creative and professional goals.

For any questions please feel free to call ISM at  818-548-7959

All of our instructors are graduates of music from universities and conservatories from around the world with over 10 years of performing and teaching experience.

Prices vary based on instrument and time. Please feel free to call us at 818-548-7959 for more information.

ISM was established in June of 1993

Please visit for more information.

We've worked with students of all ages, but prefer a minimum of 6 years old.

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