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 Wahb kickboxing background and history

Wahb is a fitness, martial arts, and combat sports instructor. Wahb’s background and education include a degree in fashion and fashion merchandising from Marangoni Institute of Fashion design in Milan Italy. While in Milan, Wahb also attended the Italian Federation of Combat Sports and became a certified kickboxing instructor obtaining his black belt in June 1997. He is a member of the Milanese WKA (World Kickboxing Federation), practices and teaches kickboxing and Thai boxing (Muay Thai) as part of his fitness regimen. Wahb has also been a bodybuilder and currently, along with his coaching duties, is a health and wellness Vlogger. Wahb’s specialization is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), weight training, and cross-fit. Wahb practices and promotes a healthy lifestyle, and is well versed healthy and effective nutrition planning and regimens.        

Wahb Mabkhout is a highly qualified Martial Arts and Combat Sports, instructor. He has trained in Japanese, Chinese Martial Arts since the age of 10. By the age or 16 Wahb’s extensive training in these disciplines allowed him to specialize in Karate Shotokan and Wing Chun Kung Fu, he then joined a boxing gym to add more diversity to his skills. At the age of 25, Wahb progressed to include American Kickboxing to his already extensive list of disciplines.

In a friendly sparring session with another athlete who practiced Savate, Wahb realized how tremendously effective and devastating the variety of low kicks to the legs can be and decided to join a Savate French kickboxing Class as well.

Back in Milan, in 1990 Wahb joined the WKA (Wolrd Kickboxing Federation) and trained to become a Kickboxing and Thai boxing (Muay Thai) instructor. 

Wahb progressed from Amateur to professional fighter competing in various tournaments, and he retired after winning 17 fights remaining undefeated.

Wahb opened the doors of his own Muay Thai and Kickboxing school in Milan in 1995, training a number of professional athletes who rose to become national and international champions, namely Sabbar Moh who was crowned world kickboxing champion and held his title for several years.

During a 1997 combat sports and Martial Arts convention, Wahb competed in a tournament reserved to the top Milan Kickboxing coaches and won the final against his own undefeated coach.

Wahb moved to live in different cities around the globe, such as Cape Town and Dubai before moving to Los Angeles where he currently lives. during the past years, he kept training and joining various MMA schools adding to his skills in Combat Sports more disciplines like Ju Jitsu and submission wrestling.



I enjoy every aspect of of it, it keeps me active and in cation, it keeps me super fit and young, it always puts me in a great mood no matter what, and it helps me the same vibe to people around me, people I interact with and people I teach.

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  • Jane Braugh

    Super motivational and fun coach. Good for any fitness level. Finally had to start working out after many years sitting behind my desk, my lower back finally got the best of me. Great results.