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Hi, my name is Ruslan (Russ).

I believe that music is more than just a skill or a language. My approach concerns helping people to understand how to express oneself through infinite means of sound and rhythm without overloading the brain with often useless rules and limitations, while expanding active knowledge about instruments and different types of music.

Music has been around me since I was born. I played tunes on guitar since the age of 6, then started playing seriously at around 14. All self-taught, I started picking other instruments such as piano, bass guitar, drums along the way, succeeding in seeing parallels and working out how music works regardless of any specific intrument. I also started picking up the common music theory and was surprised how certain concepts that I figured out myself I could explain in terms that are so simpler for understanding and what's more important - practical use. Thus I'm offering a balanced approach to understanding music based first and foremost on having fun with music, what kind of interest music brings (i.e. goals, how music is perceived etc.), enabling self-education, not feeling limited by any predisposed educational system.

- No limits in regards to specific intrument and/or genre, and/or style. I believe that music needs to be understood as a whole. That also makes learning faster and more interesting.

- Personalized approach to learning music theory (no overloading with terms, the core is to understand the pattern and then find a mnemonic and nurture the feeling)

- Learning by connecting the dots of personal experience with how music works.


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Frequently asked questions

- Evaluate instruments skills

- Evaluate musical knowledge level

- Evaluate genre and style influences and interests

- Set goals

- Outlining flexible program

- Begin having fun



Books, other resources, including online courses.

P.S. My wife is a Music Theory graduate :)

Negotiable depending on the format. Affordable.

I was very shy about teaching because I haven't had a formal training. At some point after playing and discussing music with formally trained people I understood that flexible point of view is quite a powerful thing. Plus the fact is traditional approach to music is centuries old.

Friends and family.

Symphony №10 by Shostakovich at SF Symphony

It should never be boring

What is music. What music they like. Why they like that music. What sounds they like. What instruments they like. 

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