Omid Zoufonoun Guitar Lessons

Omid Zoufonoun Guitar Lessons

Omid Zoufonoun

Oakland, CA


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I am an award winning composer, guitarist, orchestra conductor, and lifelong teacher. Many of my students come to me just because they want to be able to play their favorite music, and still others have a deep a commitment to their instrument and want to be able to get into a top music school.

In addition to teaching private lessons for over 20 years, I also ran the the guitar program at the prestigious Oakland School for the Arts for 9 years. My students at OSA have been accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Oberlin, the University of Southern California School of Music and many other schools.

The most important element to my teaching is to share my love for music in a way the makes lifelong relationships between my students and the many styles of music that we encounter and make in our lives.

I also conduct the amazing Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra, and have studied at both the University of Southern California School of Music and the Vienna Conservatory of Music in Austria.

Whether you want to play rock, blues, or Bach, I can help create a clear and fun path.


Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Cello, Classical Guitar, Composition, Ear Training, Music Performance, Music Theory, Songwriting, Guitar


Oakland, CA 94606

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  • Cliff Lau

    Omid offers sharp, experienced, and expert instruction in his guitar teaching. I really appreciate his accessible and inclusive teaching style, as well as his comprehensive approach for understanding the classical guitar. In addition to teaching music pieces, songs, and repertoire, he includes music theory as needed and guides physical development (posture, stroke, etc) to help players fully grasp the guitar in order to play smoothly and effectively. He's always seeking ways to improve your guitar skills at your level. I'm fortunate to learn under him!

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