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3 in 1 Elite's principle is the mind controls everything; we are each individual and unique. Each program is tailored specifically for that individual athlete. We understand ALL factors that affect performance and explore all posibilites. Only then we are able to unlock full potential and see rapid, IMMEDIATE results.

To unlock full potential, we must modulate stress and threat from different systems. Understand our brain's primary goal is to survive, not to perform at the most elite levels. These systems can significantly affect our pain/performance if it doesn’t feel safe or senses a threat at the hands of our environment, emotions and physical predispositions. 

In order to reach peak performance, the brain needs to integrate quality input to create quality output. When a brain receives the appropriate input, and is comfortable in predicting that the environment is safe, it will integrate from all input systems to provide the appropriate output. There are many options to vastly improve our three systems that make up each 1 elite athlete. These systems include:

  1. Move well, or our proprioceptive system
  2. See well, or our visual system
  3. Balance well through our inner ear, or our vestibular system
  4. Even our internal awareness of our body- breathing, digestion, physiological regulation and fascia

This aproach is why 3 in 1 Elite delivers rapid results. 

Abe is the founder and CEO of 3 in 1 Elite, the standard in brain-based sports performance solutions. He trusts the science and exemplifies how each of us have three unique neurological systems for every one ELITE athlete.


His absolute passion is paving the way to a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. That passion is deeply rooted from competing in sports such as: football, wrestling, collegiate lacrosse, kickboxing, boxing and his mother's made-from-scratch meals. He is an institutionally trained exercise physiologist specializing in performance optimization, nutrition coaching and the development of elite athletes. As he is committed to customizing performance and nutritional protocols for optimal health and athletic achievements. He has trained high performing athletes including USA Olympians, NFL, NBA, Pro Rugby, UFC, Glory Kickboxing, fitness competitor athletes, as well as chronic pain, neurological disorder, and weight loss clientele.

Abe grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and always had a trainer mentality. When he was a kid, his neighbor's asked him to watch over their overweight dog, Hootie, for a weekend. He made Hootie run with him everyday. When the family returned they mentioned how happy the dog looked and how he had lost weight. In high school he worked as a cook and chef; he would always help coach his fellow teammates and classmates in weightlifting and nutrition.

He remained active, and always played sports. This lead him to receive his B.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in health from UNC Charlotte. While in school, he interned with the strength and conditioning program for two years and fell in love with training. He quickly became a certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Abe wanted to learn from the best and decided to move to San Diego where he shadowed Chad Macias from the Institute For Human Kinetics and Naturopathic Doctor and Medicine Chef Tina Martini. Since, he pursued a new Master's program in Neuro Sports Performance by Z-health Performance and became Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified. Within a few years, Abe was named one of the top trainers by Discover SD Magazine.


Al-baba pays attention to detail through applied neuroscience, he focuses on nutrition and neural muscular development to optimize elite athlete performance. His objective is to provide the brain with the most appropriate input while performing quality strength and conditioning methodology with the intention of injury deterrence and performance optimization. 


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