Wanda Cook, Master Piano Instructor - Young Artists Conservatory Of Music

Wanda Cook, Master Piano Instructor - Young Artists Conservatory Of Music



I am a piano instructor with over 35 years of experience. I consider students I select to study with me as partners who wish to unlock their potential both as a pianist and a musician. Becoming a pianist is the experience of mastering techniques and skills for proper use of an acoustic piano.

Becoming a musician is the the cohesion between emotional, relational, cognitive and artistic development applied to the skills of piano playing. I train students to "listen" and adjust to more proper technique in order to address the freedom of expressing how and why any piece can be played or performed with joy.

I typically teach advancing students or younger students with exceptional drive, practice ethic, parent support, and a late beginner or intermediate level of proficiency that suggests conviction in their msuic.

My advancing pianists are award winning musicians and perform professional repertoire. They receive scholarships and perform with professional and community adult symphonies. My most recent student symphony repertoire incudes:

Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2, Bartok Piano Concerto No. 2, Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No. 1, Gerswhin Rhaposy in Blue, Ravel Piano Concerto, Saint Sean (Egyptian), Haydn Piano Concerto No. 10. 2017 - 18 Season will present 4 time concet piano performer Benjamin Mendiola presenting Glasnov Piano Concerto in Bb, and the Debut of Tyler Smith performing Tchaikosky's Piano Concerto No. 1.

Videos Links Here: https://www.wanda-cook.com/media

If you wish to be considered for piano instruction in the Solano County Area or Walnut Creek Area please contact me. Students should not be new beginners and be at least 10 years of age with parents who will support daily practice. Intermediate or advancing students are invited to inquire and discuss personal goals.

All lessons are 1 hour in length. I do not participate in Certificate of Merit, and do not teach to a third party test.

To Learn More: https://www.wanda-cook.com

As the founder and Managing Artistic Director I am passionate about the value of well-executed arts education. The arts are humanty's greatest means for developing human potential and social connectedness. With over 35 years of experience as a music educator I have come to realize that through music I instill four values that power the primary engines of human potential: EXCELLENCE, HOPE, HARD WORK, COMMUNITY.

When I present a standard of "excellence" to a student I am inspiring him to associate himself with a structure and process where he can acheive his potential. That process becomes "hope" when the student can recognize in his potential and uses the tools to unlock that potential. Through diligence and "hard work" the student overcomes challenges and obstacles and gains authentic self-esteem rooted in resiliency and committment. Everyone needs partners and a strong sense of connectedness to experience the power "community" to encourage, support, and celebrate one's process and acheivments.

I am a master teaching artist in piano. I enjoy every student I select to study because together we develop their abilty to truly understand the music and express themselves with joy and conviction.



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Frequently asked questions

1. Understand the student goals

2. Assess and reveal student immediate and future potential.

3. Lessons will have elements of Technical and Practical assignments. Examples of technical assignments are applied scales, warm-ups, arpeggios, short study work. Examples of practical assignments are etudes and repertoire chosen to develop and express technical and artistic applications.  

4. Ensure the student understands home practicing tools. I use my book, "How to Practice with Success" which records precise practicing tools and goals for each assignment and challenges the student to enter into a process I call LEAP. Listen, Evaluate, Ask, Pursue.  Through this process the student learns to take responsibility for acheiving the week's goals, and learns to "think slowly" in order to think and play intentionally. 

5. Performance training is a strategic process that empower the student to overcome anxiety rooted in conviction and confidence about expressing the music he is performing.  

6. Most importantly, the lesson process is about achieving a partnership with the student.  I am on your side AND I want you be on mine.  I understand the obstacle you face and I want to help you.  I also understand your potential and I need you to trust that I can help you achieve it.  

35 Years Experience. Many students college scholarship recipients and professional musicians. 

Founder and Director of Young Artists Conservtory of Music.

Degree from Simpson University.

Royal Conservatory of Music 

If lessons are provided in Solano County, please contact Young Artists Conservatory of Music.

If lessons are provided in Yolo County or Walnut Creek Area: $90.00 per hour or $360 month with a three month committment. 

I was raised in home with musicians and educators. 

Everyone is born with talent.  Talent however is not enough. Everyone needs to add skill to talent.  The most engaging artists are not just talented, they are skilled.

I have worked with students of various talent and levels of committment from ages 5 through adults.  Young Artists Conservatory admits students of all ages and talent.  We work with families who are committed to adding to talent the skill necessary to achieve potential.  

Young Artists Conservatory of Music produces several recitals, concerts and shows a year.  

The Holiday Harmonies concert is a unique concert in a 500 seat theatre that provides our students the opportunity to perform in multiple ensembles with a fun holiday theme.  

Melody Makers recitals are in June and last for a week.  Each student is assigned to an evening recital where they perform a peice that most expresses their achievments.  

The Black Tie Gala Concert is also held in June.  The top 15 student artists of YACM are selected to perform before our donors, members and community representing the standard of excellence in music education and rising musicianship. Our featured performers at this event are accompanied by a professional symphhony:  Black Tie Symphony Orchestra

Be prepared to learn things you don't expect.  

Find an instructor you can trust to challenge you to acheive your highest potential rather than simply say "that was nice".

Find an instructor who will tell you exactly HOW to overcome a challenge.  What are the steps. 

Find a place where you can be apart of a community. 

1. What are my goals?

2. Do I have a proper instrument? 

3. Will I schedule time daily to practice? 

4. Parents:  What kind of support am I wiling to provide my child?  E.g., attend the lesson, help practice, listen and affirm their music, support performance experiences. 

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