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Isaac Clark Guitar Lessons

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have played guitar for 18 years in multiple genres. I am trained in music theory and have a degree in the field. I have played professionally both live and in studio. My goal is to help you play the type of music YOU want to learn. This can be anything from Country Western to Death Metal.

Wouldn't it be cool to realize how easy some of your favorite songs are? I am still amazed myself how simple most tunes really are.

I enjoy taking someone unfamiliar with music to realize how easy most of it is. Music is a universal language capable of making enemies lay down arms and join together in song (Christmas World War 1).


Serves Parker , CO
Offers online services

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James R.

He propelled me into the guitar world. I started with the love for music as a kid. When I was introduced to Isaac and his musical abilities I was completely blown away and yearned for the opportunity to play. Isaac spend countless hours in assisting in with guitar lessons. Creating te guitar player that I am today!
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August 13, 2018

Frequently asked questions

We will talk about what is most important in our time together. You will tell me about your musical tastes, preferred styles, why you want to play guitar, and how far you plan to go. Once we come to an understanding I will show you the most efficient and effective ways to follow that path. 

I have a degree in music theory, I've played guitar most of my life. I have gone through vigorous trainings on guitar, vocals, and piano. I am both traditionally and self taught.

Depending on drive, my lessons will be between $30-40 for half hour sessions to $50-60 for our long sessions. Prices can be bargained and negotiated depending on circumstance. 

It happened naturally from friends seeing me play and them wanting to learn. Also from playing with other guitarists in band settings and having to teach and learn.

 Young and old, and into any and every kind of music. 

The many many concerts I've been to. Angel Vivaldi is the #1 most recommended guitarist EVERYONE should listen to. 

Be very clear that your teacher is versatile in several genres. There's nothing worse than having a teacher that is bogged down or biased to only one type of style. This is what does make me stand out from the crowd. I listen to any and every kind of guitar from gospel and blues to Swedish death metal and all in between. Regardless of your opinion of heavier music, heavy metal does employ the MOST techniques of guitar playing collectively. From sweep arpeggios, speed picking, pinch harmonics, etc. If your teacher has no appreciation for heavy metal, keep shopping.

What sort of dreams or aspirations do you have with music? 

How much time are you willing to commit daily and/or weekly?

Do you want to become knowledgeable in music theory or just be a proficient player?

Do you want to learn to read music or just tablature? Many of the greatest players cannot read a note. 

How bad do you really want to learn? It can be a long, frustrating road but there are few things, if any that are more rewarding and enjoyable.

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