Guitar Mastery Lessons

Guitar Mastery Lessons

Offers online services
Offers online services


Are you a beginner guitar player just looking for some guidance?

Or maybe you've been playing for a little while and you just don't sound how you want to sound. And you're unsure of how to get to where you want to be.

Or maybe you're a songwriter, who just can't seem to get those great ideas to come to life.

I've been playing guitar for close to 15 years now. I immediately feel in love with my new hobby and studied formally under a performing rock / bluesgrass guitarist for four years. At the age of 19, I won the Rutgers University talent show (Instrumental category) for an improvised solo.

I'm 29 now and have spent that time continuing to sharpen my skills and knowledge relative to the guitar. For me, it is a long-term committment to mastery. A journey I gladly know will never be over.

I currently perform several shows a week as a solo act, using my own written material.

All lessons are customizable to cater to individual student needs. But here is a small sample of EXACTLY what you will learn in my lessons:

- Beginner fundamentals (how to choose a guitar, how to string your guitar, how to use an amp, etc)

- All Major / minor chords and how to apply them in songwriting

- The most important scales and why they help your playing

- Fretboard wizardry, i.e how to play almost anything, anywhere on the guitar

- Tapping, sweeping and other advanced lead guitar techniques

- Improvised guitar solos

- Finding and creating your unique, authentic sound

- Writing your own songs

- Impressing your friends (kidding...but actually they will be)

plus whatever YOUR speicifc needs are.

Here is a small sample of my playing to check out:

See you in the lesson!




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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    All lessons start with an assessment of the student's current skill level as well as future goals. From there a strategy will form.

    I teach the same way I was taught, which is a mix of theory, guidance and letting the student explore on their own.

    Student will not usually be assigned specific songs, rather I encourage them to learn what they want to learn. The end result will not only be a high level of skill on guitar, but a discovery of that student's authentic voice.

    I studied for four years under a performing rock / bluegrass guitarist. Following that, I also taught for over a year at Florida Atlantic University.

    Typically a one hour lesson is $60.

    Make sure they are a match! There are many great musicians, but the student / teacher relationship is special.

    It's far more important to find a teacher that suits your specific needs than trying to find the "most talented" teacher. They may just have a style of teaching your enjoy, or perhaps there's something in their playing you want to emulate.

    Whatever it is, I encourage people to explore until they are sure of who they want to work with.

    1) Why do I want to learn guitar?

    2) What is my goal as a guitarist?

    3) Why is learning this important to me?

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