Suru Koto Ga-Do Traditional Karate

Suru Koto Ga-Do Traditional Karate

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Traditional Karate focuses on true nature of Karate-ka. My lessons will strengthen your body and your mind to endure in every aspect of life. Discipline is key to grow in Karate and I will show you through tradtional teaching taught to me by various masters.

Karate is a hard and soft style. Anyone, with the proper training, can become a true Karate-ka. This is a life long journey of learning, growing and becoming.

Having been involved for almost 30yrs and traveling to Japan to further my studies it has become my life long journey. This is my passion to share what I have been taught.


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    Nara A.

    Classes with Mark are amazing, technical and fun! He knows his stuff and pushes you to your potential!
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    July 10, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    An assessment will be performed to evaluate the students abilities. From this, the student will receive customized training according to their needs and goals. As the training progresses the training will enhance their ability to grow. Students can choose their level of difficulty or learning. A confident student is a motivated student!

    Since 1991, my passion for Karate has grown into three disciplines. Kyokushin, Seido and Shotokan Karate. Having received Black Belts in all three I have gained a foundation to what is means to be a true Karate-ka. 

    Physical fitness is also my my specialty. I am ISSA certified as a personal trainer. Having trained for various fights and tournaments I understand the physical demands needed to successfully achieve peak performance and results.

    Single lessons are charged hourly. There are several packages available according to commitment. The more you train the more discounts you receive. It's a win, win situation for the student. Train more pay less!

    (Also, travel and availibilty plays an important role.)

    Ask for my rates it will hurt less then training I promise!

    As a student of Karate we are obligated to train our less experienced students. By sharing what we learned it also make us confident in knowing and executing techniques accurately and efficiently. This crosses over to other disciplines such as Boxing, Kickboxing and Self-defense. I train as often as possible, so knowing what works and its effectiveness is key! Beginning your training is the hard part. Friends have always asked me to train them because they see how much I enjoy it myself.

    I have worked with all types of students. There are those who lack confidence, have failed and want to give up and even those who have never trained a day in their life. Furthermore, I have experience training the blind, deaf and physically and mentally challenged!

    Finisher of the 2019 ESCAPE Miami Triathlon! Anything you put your mind to can be accomplished. It is impossible to fail! He who says he can or can't are both right!

    Find a teacher that is interested in YOUR better interests! Keeping your goals in mind is more important then making money! A happy student is a motivated student!

    Students should always feel free to ask all the questions they feel is necessary before, during and after they train. No question should be overlooked even if it is irrelevant to their training. This will build a relationship between the student and the trainer so common ground can be obtain to maximize results! There are millions of articles, websites, videos and content related to training. Asking the right or wrong questions can determine success!

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