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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have spent years working in a competitive high stress career which is where I found yoga. I needed something to shut down the noise in my head but still benefit my body.

Having always gravitated towards high impact, high power workouts, I never thought yoga would resonate with me. I did it to balance out my other workouts and my lifestyles and the longer I used it to balance the more I was intrigued by it. Now I use my high intensity experience and my yoga training to provide tailored service for my clients. My clients get strong and fit using their own body weight with resistance in planned workouts. I've worked with beginners to advanced and can accommodate any level and preference.

I have clients that focus on yoga, cardio and strength/stamina building individually or as a combination.

Watching someone transition and get more confident in their practice and more settled in their head. Love watching people come into my class stressed and leave relaxed.


Serves Sarasota , FL
Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I start basic and work on form and breath. Keeping it simple the first (or first few) lessons to gauge experience and level.

Keeping an open dialogue with the student I add on according to students goals/needs and comfort level. 

I am registered with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200. I trained with Kelly Santucci from Younique Yoga in both hands on training and textbook study.

Prices may vary slightly if travel is required but all is reflected in my quotes. I offer discounts for pre-booking several lessons at a time and if you have a friend and want to do semi-private, the price also then drops per person. I always offer free communication to interested students over the phone to get any questions out of the way and make sure they are ready and comfortable with my approach. 

I started as a student and signed up with the training with the hopes of deepening my practice. Ended up picking up a few clients along the way then a few classes after getting certified. It just unrolled rather organically. Guess it was meant to be :) 

All types!! 

I recently attended a workshop with a yogi I follow on social media. Met her in person and as the day unraveled I saw her more and more as a real person with real challenges she overcomes daily. Here's a girl with over 1 million followers inspiring, guiding other yogis to keep at it all while struggling with major ailments and pain which would seriously limit most people's practice and she's thriving. It was just inspiring - it reminds me why I love doing this for myself and for others

Make sure you connect, yoga can be very personal and every teacher offers something different. Always give it at least 3 sessions to fully decide if it's right for you or if you should explore other options. Also be communicative, if something isn't working for you relay that to the teacher so she can try a different approach. In private lessons you have the benefit of give and take, treat it as you would any other relationship. 

Think about where you are now with your physical active level and what your goal is. Long term and short term.

What do you really want to get out of your practice? Why do you want a private session? What is the most advanced long term goal you are looking to get? And most important stay open to the process :)

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