Josh Garrett Music

Josh Garrett Music

Greetings!My name is Josh Garrett. I have been playing guitar since I was a child, and throughout the years I have learned a variety of techniques and music styles that are utilized by the modern professional guitarist. I have taken four levels of music theory coursework in college, and countless hours of independent study. I currently write hymns for chorus, and songs for voice and accompaniment. The approach I take with lessons is very practical, with a focus on teaching the student guitar technique as well as music theory. The music theory instruction I provide basically includes reading and understanding music notation and how songs are formed, so that they can play written music and eventually be able to write. I always take time to help students get over their hurdles, paying attention to every subtle detail so that they can become better musicians. I never rush through anything, but patiently guide the student through all the material. My goal is to guide the learning of the student toward mastery of the material, and make the process fun and inspiring. Look forward to hearing from you!

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