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Over twenty years experience in the sport of boxing. Been training clients over ten years. Im a former pro / four time Chicago Golden Glove Champion and a National Golden Glove Silver Medalist. I've trained kids, adults and couples. My sessions are one hour and includes cardio, boxing and strength training. My training techniques are proven!

I love seeing my clients benefit from the boxing workout.


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Ashleigh B.

Seriously incredible for a million different reasons. If you are thinking about trying out group or 1:1 boxing training, DO IT! You do not need to be a boxer or have prior boxing experience before you do this! The trainers are professional, knowledgable (these guys are legit boxers), helpful, and just nice people. The gym is organized, clean, and seems to anything and everything you need.
I started 1:1 training with Ottu in January of this year, not really knowing what to expect. I went to Title Boxing a bit in college and really enjoyed that form of exercise, but never had any real training or instruction.
5 months later, I cant even believe my progress! Especially from where I started, barely working out, (to be honest) not knowing really how to properly workout. I was never athletic. Ive always been tall and lanky, lacking really any muscle mass. Now I actually have muscle tone, I am noticeably more confident, and it is so incredible to see people I havent seen in awhile and for them to take notice and ask me what I have been doing to look so great.
I could go on forever, but in general awesome place... Incredible people who work there... If you want to get in awesome shape and have blast while do so (not to mention feel like a badass for being able to box).
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September 04, 2017

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