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JKD Kickboxing Gung Fu

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My way of instruction will rocket launch your aspiration to becoming a full-fledged martial artist. In 13-classes, you will know how to defend yourself and you will begin boxing to kickboxing. I always told my many students in the 90's to early 2000's how taking classes 3x week for at least six months would turn you into the equivalent of a black-belt. They corrected me and said, "Sifu, it's actually three months." [That would be the equivalent of passing three 13-class modules = 39-classes total.] In short, that's how fast they got proficient and self-confident in full-contact boxing/kickboxing/groundfighting (all ranges of hand-to-hand combat) and all-around self-defense. (In Jeet-Kune Do, the only ranking is based on the time you began -- not a colored belt). Meaning your skill would be comparable if not superior to many others PLUS you would have a full grasp and understanding of how every "style" or "system" of martial arts that exists out there fits into the flow of empty hand or armed combat. You will sequentially and simultaneously learn boxing, kicking, trapping, throwing-grappling-groundfighting to submissions. Within that time frame, there is a lot of instruction in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) included as well practice in all four ranges of hand-to-hand combat.

1. All beginners undergo learning in IMPACT Immediate Self Defense Classes thereby developing a real ability to defend themselves. You will be a changed person for the good and even better. The classes are designed for the non-martial artist, novice, young teen, women, too-busy-professional or worker to build confidence, develop situational awareness, and be capable of really defending yourself using specific anatomical weapons against specific body targets. You will learn how to defend yourself from front, sides, and rear, as well as facing multiple potential attackers.

2. The second half of the class is Boxing 101 [Intro to Boxing and Jeet-Kune Do – the art of Bruce Lee] – this is an interwoven connection between lecture, theory, and practice leading to increased kinesthetic awareness, body mechanical memory, and fighting skill. You will learn stances, form, balance, movement, punching, combinations, heavy bad training, speed bag training, focus gloves, and contact sparring. You will be a confident novice boxer at the end of the first 13-classes.

Separately, I also teach T'ai Chi and Chi Gung -- and you will see its incorporation in the self-defense I teach. NO ONE else teaches this way. The unseen power to all external methods is rooted in T'ai Chi and Chi Gung. I am a practitioner of the Beijing style, the Yang style, Wu style, and am currently studying the Wudang style. My roots are from the Taoist Institute. And for those interested in strictly T'ai Chi and Chi Gung, I also teach them separately.

The greatest enjoyment is witnessing the radical and rapid transformation of every student into a highly situationally aware, mentally adept, and physically capable defender. Continuing practice and learning turns one into a skilled fighter over time. My method results in positively changed and spiritually awakened persons. Yes – the realization of its spiritual components will be understood without dogma or ideology.


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    Jay L.

    I appreciate the deep, insightful information from Sifu Rolando. I’ve been a martial arts enthusiast for over 30 years and had bounced around many schools and styles over the years. In a short time Sifu Rolando was able to correct many things in my form and technique and showed me a way of putting everything together. It’s mind blowing the applicable level of skill he’s helped me to reach in such a short time. But there’s more to it as well. It’s a way of life he teaches of honor, integrity, discipline and most importantly love. I’m a changed man from his teachings and plan on carrying this with me the rest of my days and will continue to grow as both a martial artist and a man. As the two are one in the same 🙏🙏
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    September 24, 2021

    Jay L.

    I took a customized 2 day intensive private lesson for an intermediate practitioner: IMPACT - Immediate Self Defense & Intro to Jeet-Kune Do / Boxing. The lessons were absolutely amazing and life changing. I feel the value of this is immeasurable. I look forward to continuing down this journey and receiving more lessons
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    September 22, 2021

    Jay L.

    I took a customized 2 day intensive private lesson for an intermediate practitioner: IMPACT - Immediate Self Defense & Intro to Jeet-Kune Do / Boxing. The lessons were absolutely amazing and life changing. I feel the value of this is immeasurable. I look forward to continuing down this journey and receiving more lessons
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    June 05, 2021

    Augie H.

    Sifu Rolando has been a complete pleasure to work with. From the beginning he has been very understanding and most of all patient with both our children. Not only have we noticed progressive behavior and skills with both our children, we have also noticed their will to learn. We will definitely be continuing with our Sifu!
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    January 28, 2021

    Christian A.

    Working with Sifu Rolando has helped me transform into a much wiser and confident man by helping me understand my true purpose in life. Our practices in tai chi continue to evolve week after week and with them come excellent life lessons in understanding the benefits and science behind tai chi and meditation. Sifu Rolando is a wise man, a great instructor and I’m grateful he has also become a close friend. I highly recommend Sifu Rolando if you are truly trying to make a positive change in your life and become the best version of yourself.
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    January 05, 2020
    Hired on Lessons

    Tiff A.

    Sifu Rolandos 13 session program is amazing! I was all over the place when I first started with him. I truly feel transformed not just with my martial arts, but in my whole life. Working with Sifu has made me more aware of myself, and more in control of myself. I cant thank him enough for the time he put into teaching me the history of JKD, and how to protect myself in real life situations. I feel transformed from Day 1 to Day 13. I went from scared sparring, to warrior sparring. What a great instructor! I cant wait to get started on my next 13 session program after the holidays. I am a lifetime client for sure. Great service!
    Thanks Sifu!
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    November 23, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First, a short phone get-to-know-each-other contact.

    Second, a meet and greet in person. Usually at the student's home or nearest open park or facilities. For beginners seeking private instruction (the best and fastest way to learn and progress), I recommend classes in your home. This way, I can instruct the student on the right use of their own surroundings while inculcating in them a respect for the space they occupy and train in. The option to train at my gym in Mission Valley is also available though I have to work with other trainer's times and the facility does get busy -- and thus can be distracting sometimes. Regardless, I train several students all over San Diego proper. Distance is not an issue as what matters is the student's desire and commitment.

    Class Structure, Guidelines, and Perspective:

    The classes are a composite class of two different training courses in one.

    1.       Impact Immediate Self-Defense, and

    ·         IMPACT Immediate Self-Defense System Class I (for women, teens, non-martial artists, and busy professionals) – Just what it says. You will learn how to defend yourself immediately after just one-class. Imagine completing the course.

    2.       Introduction to Boxing /Jeet-Kune Do

    ·         Boxing 101 – Fundamentals of and Intro to Boxing – An interwoven connection between lecture, theory, and practice leading to increased kinesthetic awareness, body memory, and boxing skills. You will learn stances, form, balance, movement, punching, combinations, defense, footwork, et al training with focus gloves, heavy bag, speed bag, and contact sparring.

    The classes I teach are private classes. This expedites the process of learning, studying, practicing, and training.

    Please understand that these classes are scientifically designed and experientially backed to produce a certain result. Also though the title says “Boxing”, think more like Chinese Boxing – which learns to use every anatomical weapon at your disposal. And the internal art to develop Qi and power. Yes, you will learn kickboxing, too.

    What is that result?

    ·         You are capable of intelligently discerning, deciding, avoiding, evading, and defending virtually any scenario you may face in your walk in life.

    ·         You will be 1st level beginning boxers. Continuous training available to the intermediate and advanced levels. If you choose. Or just continue coming to regular sparring classes after accomplishing the 1st 13-class course.

    ·         You will be comfortable boxing sparring in class with your classmates and others as we grow.

    ·         Your skill and abilities will demonstrate a marked and measurable increase that will give the confidence you never knew was actually possible.

    ·         You will learn key principles to living, defending, and surviving any encounter. The principles make the techniques easier to grasp and not have to remember.


    1.       A willingness to learn

    2.       A good attitude

    3.       An understanding of the intrinsic and deep value of this training program

    Sifu Rolando’s lineage in Jeet Kune Do Gung Fu stems from the Oakland school of James Yimm Lee under Sifu Ted Wong & Sifu Charles Taveras, the Los Angeles JFJKD school of Guro Dan Inosanto, and the JFJKD Grappling school of Sifu Larry Hartsell. He began training in boxing, judo, and arnis as a teenager. His many other instructors and teachers include: Sifu Hoover Chan, Wing Chun; Sifu Carl Totton, T’ai Chi & Chi Kung; Professor Salem Assli, La Savate-Boxe Francaise; and the late great Besar Pendekar Herman Suwanda, Mande Muda Pencak Silat. He continues to study the writings and teachings of Sifu Paul Vunak JFJKD trapping (Progressive Fighting Systems), Master Hua-Ching Ni, Chinese Internal Arts; and Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Chinese Internal & Martial Arts. He continuously studies, practices, trains, and teaches elements from Chinese and Western Boxing, Wing Chun, Savate, Jiujitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Pencak Silat, Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), and Chinese Internal & Martial Arts.

    Breakdown of offered class tuition:

    ·         Payment in full 13-classes: $750 - $900 sliding scale dependent on the need and size of the class.

    ·         Payment monthly (4 classes/month): $120 - $400 per month (4 to 1 student per class)

    ·         Payment by class: $40 - $100 sliding scale (4 to 1 student per class)

    ·         Scholarship: If you are in a high-threat situation/ financially challenged – Please call me direct @ 619-779-1880.

    ·         REMEMBER: I will find a way to accommodate every single genuine request to attend class. I also consider other exchanges of value or you can bring other students.

    Primary instructor for Colorado JKD Gung Fu Club, 1992-1995.

    Head instructor for Los Angeles JKD Gung Fu Club, 1996-2007.

    Head instructor for Rogue Valley JKD Gung Fu Academy, 2007-2016.

    Head Instructor, Mission Valley Boxing Club, 2019-Present.

    All ages: 8-12 year old, teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s. Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced.

    Teach black belts from other traditions. Teacher of teachers from other disciplines or traditions and within the JKD family.

    Shen Chi Kwoon (Spirit Life-Force School) offers these private classes:

    1. Self-Defense Course for Children 7-13: Intro to Boxing & Kicking

    2. Teen Girls & Children’s Personal Safety Instruction

    3. Women's Immediate Self-Defense Course

    4. Jeet-Kune Do Gung Fu

    5. T’ai Chi (Taiji) and Chi Gung (QiQong)

    I-JKD Competition produced by colleague Sifu Paul Swaim Lewis

    Know yourself (as much as you can) and what you really want in life.

    Interview an instructor to see how their very being and background matches up to you and your goals.

    What is my level of commitment to learning?

    What prompts me to learn?

    What traumas, life-threatening experiences, or challenges have I faced?

    Services offered